Sunday, July 28, 2013

Provo Children's Parade

We participated in the children's parade and it was so fun. I love a good hometown parade.

The whole gang

Brigham and Jane got to join us too since Betsy was just born.

Cute Eliza Jane

Lucy loved throwing candy from her bike. She was so good at it.

And a Popsicle at the end was perfect for this incredibly hot day!

Backyard photo shoot

David, age 4

We love him . . . a lot!

Lucy, age 5 1/2 . . . such a lovely girl.

Exploring Provo

We love the Provo Trail! And isn't this the cutest picture of these three personalities!

We hiked from Glen Canyon Park to Bridal Veil. This little one knows just how to work her Daddy!

Am I one lucky lady or what? All of that gets to be claimed on MY taxes! ;)

Our little sweetheart. She is getting so big and turning into such a great little lady.

The kids loved walking through the tunnel by Nunns Park.

We love to be in the great outdoors together.

My love him!

The independent baby.

My handsome little man.

Our little adventurous family

Favorite picture of the day. Sometimes they get along so well!

Good thing my husband is so handy . . .

Our dryer vent light kept coming on which led to us realizing our vent goes up to through the  ceiling and runs across the width of our family room and out above our back door. This led to Marc getting this really cool tool with a bristle brush that connects to his drill and cleans the whole thing out as he continues to connect these long tent pole-like things to it in order to add length.

This was only about a third of what came out. Sheesh! Good thing Marc is so amazing and can fix just about anything.

Juicy Nails

I went and got a pedicure at a place called Juicy Nails the other day and ever since then the girls have loved to play "makeover at Juicy Nails". Lucy puts a blanket on Vivian and she sits there very still while Lucy primps her all up. It cracks me up! I love having daughters.

For Father's Day . . .

I took the kids to the store and let them each pick something out for their Dad. And . . . they each got him a flashlight! We love this man. I am so lucky he is the father to my children. Such a great man.

Family Reunion

We had a great reunion this year and we didn't even leave Utah County! It started with a Lady's Night where we got pedicures and then went hot tubbing at our house. The next day we went to 7 Peaks. Then I actually ran to Youth Conference for about 18 hours while they had dinner at Ryan and Jayna's home.
The next morning we hiked The Grotto. It was perfect for all of our little ones. Lucy and David were so good at crossing the bridges and of course Vivian wanted to cross them on her own as well.

Our little family at The Grotto. My kids love this hike so much-the water at the end really makes it so great.
Here is a  lot of the gang. What a blessing for us to all have each other and how wonderful that our children can have so many great cousins!

After the hike, the adults went to the temple while the cousins played at our house. Then we all met up at our house for pizza and mingling. 

We also had birthday cake and Uncle Cory and Aunt Karen did a great job teaching David how to appropriately get frosting off of the cake.

He and Brigham learned quickly.

Then we had to take a picture of the cousins that were all born within a year of one another. They are now all FOUR! David, Brigham, Eliza and Zachary.

And here is teh second round of babies born within a year by the same Mommies. They are now all TWO! Norah, Lucy, Jane and Rachel

Just a little bit of cousin love.

The eight cousins (round one and round two)

Some more of the older cousins were there too. What a lucky family.

Do I still have a baby?

Sweet Vivian is getting so big! She speaks in full sentences all the time. Copies everything her older siblings do and say.  She is tall for her age and the most independent child I have. Why does my baby have to be the most independent one? It is killing me. Luckily she is still so great to give the greatest cuddles ever. I lover her. I am so pleased to see her grow up and I am so overwhelmed at the same time.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Marc!

For Marc's birthday, we celebrated by taking the kids to 7 Peaks in the morning (he wanted to do something as a whole family first)

Then we honored his next wish to go out with just the two of us. We went to Sundance for dinner and then had a very memorable drive through Alpine Loop. The day was perfect and I think our main man felt very loved.

Monday, July 1, 2013

David in Primary

Isn't he adorable?