Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Photo Shoot . . . which one is wall worthy?

1) The orchard

2) The castle
And some more that we liked . . .

Your thoughts?

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 months stats

Can you believe it's been 2 months already??? 
Weight: 11lbs 13 oz (76th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (82nd percentile)
Head: 16 inches (90th percentile)

Way to go healthy Vivian! 
And can I just add that I am SHOCKED that 2 of my 3 three children are above the 80th percentile for height!?!


Some barn swallows made a nest right outside our back door. We have really enjoyed watching them.

There are three babies. Can you see them all?

The one with its mouth open seems to be the most dominant.

Here's their Momma (or Daddy?) Two birds took their turns making the nest and now take their turns feeding the babies. They are constantly feeding their babies. They started building their nest a few days after Vivian was born. I have enjoyed comparing the responsibilities of caring for a little one with them. Sometimes the Momma has to just sit and rest on the ledge after several feeding trips while her babies still squack in the background. I feel for her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lucy calls her . . .

Chubs ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to take a photo shoot of the 3rd child

First brother and sister will make sure her headband is on straight.

Then sister will tell brother not to touch her

Sister will point out the cute saying on her shirt

Brother will adjust the headband while sister gets her to smile

Brother will offer her a ball. Because, who wouldn't want a ball?

Child number three will raise her hand as a warning that she just might be done with all this attention.
And Mom will try another day to get a cute picture of JUST the baby.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just some cute shots of Little Miss Vivian

Oh how I love to dress her up. As Marc says, "Girls never lose their dolls, they just grow-up and call them daughters."

Lucy adores her little Vivian. She is an incredible big sister.

She sleeps best on a bit of a tilt. She seems to like the swing or her little papasan chair best. I could stare at her sleeping all day!

This past week, Vivian has really started to focus on things and to smile. I love this phase of awareness. I can just feel her connecting to my soul when she looks at me.

I love how it looks like she is laughing in this shot when in reality I think she is just about to cry.

Poor Vivian. She is usually very content. What I love best is that if she is upset, the moment you begin to help her, she will start to calm down. She is such a grateful baby.

And she could not be more loved. We all love and adore her to pieces. What an amazing blessing this sweet baby is to our family.

Princess Dance Camp

Lucy attended princess dance camp and it was completely magical! She went each day for 3 hours for a total of 4 days. Each day centered around a princess and her attributes. They started each day with dancing to music connected to the princess, had a healthy snack, then had a story time and craft and ended the day with another healthy snack and choreographing dances. Lucy loved it. Every day she came home excited to tell me about the princess they talked about and to show me her craft. She also showed me all sorts of dances. It was so fun to watch her be a part of something so wonderful. I loved having her tell me all about it.

This boy

Loves to figure things out. If it is something with an on/off switch; odds are David will love it. I love to watch him try to figure things out. He is such a boy and it simply fascinates me to watch him.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 4th!

Vivian was very patriotic.

On our way to the parade! Daddy was already there (he had been saving us seats since 4:30 am)

Lucy with her dear friend, Leo.

The cannons were a bit traumatic.

As for tradition, we had friends and family over to our house for waffles after the parade (forgot to take pictures-but they were YUMMY!). That night for dinner, of course we barbecued!

Then we watched a movie with our cousin. She stayed for a week to help and it was wonderful!

Happy Independence!


Lucy brought this in to me the other day and said, "This is my testimony. It says, 'We should be good so Heavenly Father can help us. Jesus loves us. Do not run in the street. Amen."'

How boring my life would be without her!