Saturday, December 28, 2013


This is what happy children look like right after spending an evening at their Grandma's house with their cousins and before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

I have it on good authority that this set-up took Santa until 2am to put together. Sheesh!

I always love seeing the stockings all ready to go.

And I loved having the kids come into our room to open their stockings. It gave me a few more minutes to wake up and we made sure the kids didn't see anything downstairs before we could be with them.

Enjoying the spoils of their stockings.

Seeing her dollhouse!

Disbelief at his Cars table.

A little bit confused . . .

She caught on quickly!

What a joyful sight.

I think she likes it!

The moment I realized Marc got me what I really wanted.

The girls have not stopped playing with their dollhouses.

Even Sterling was excited that morning.

Me with my first Christmas present made from one of my children. It was a moment.

We were lucky enough to have Heidi stay with us. The kids thought that was amazing.

And Santa brought David The Hulk he asked for.

These little cars are amazing. I even had fun riding one of them.

Marc's parents joined us for breakfast then we got ready and headed to my brother's (Kevin) home where we met up with my parents and Grandma.

We had a delicious dinner and then relaxed while watching Finding Nemo.

Doesn't my 89 year-old Grandmother look amazing!

I think they both love each other A LOT!

Twas the Sunday before Christmas . . .

I love putting my children in super cute outfits for church before Christmas. This year, my Mom made the girls matching dresses and I was in heaven with how everything turned out!

Our handsome Jack!

It is dreamy to have daughters in matching dresses for Christmas.


Our baby girl.

Our darling little lady.

The whole family ready for Christmas.

Christmas time at Temple Square

Marc and I headed up to Salt Lake City for a date night ad we had some specific intentions, we wanted to: eat Killer Nachos from Red Iguana, see the lights at temple, shop at Trader Joe's and get Mexican Hot Chocolate from Java Jo's.

We called ahead and picked up our nachos on the go and devoured them in the car-yum! Then as we just barely saw the lights, a kind young man offered us free tickets to The Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert!!! Getting tickets to that concert is like winning the lottery! We were so excited. 
The concert was amazing and I loved sharing this adventure with my love. We may not have done everything on the list, but the evening surpassed all of my expectations.

We got a drum set!

Marc has been saying for years that he wants a drum set. I found one for him in the classifieds and was determined to surprise him with it for Christmas. I told him I was going to run to Target one night and he called me as I was driving to pick up the drum set. We were just chatting and he casually says, "Well see if you can find me a drum set." I freaked out and was like, "How did you know???" He quietly says, "I was totally joking." He had no idea and just said that to be funny. Needless to say he got an early Christmas present which the whole family loves (thank goodness we have a basement).

BYU Angels

My BYU students adopted some "forgotten patients" from The State Hospital for Christmas so they came to our home to have breakfast together and wrap the presents.

It is always delightful to have my students in our home.

My kids just get giddy when everyone is here and my students are always so cute with them.

They are such great students. I truly have the greatest job in the world.

Wooden airplanes

Our local high school was doing a fundraiser for Sub for Santa and they had made these great wooden airplanes. I got one for each of the kids and they loved the idea of getting to paint their own airplane. I loved how much David even got into it as well. Such great kids.


I have been drawing a basic picture of The Nativity for a while now as more of a doodle and I really wanted to do something more official with the idea. My dear friend and artist, Julie, suggested I try drawing it with pastels. We sat down for family home evening one night with our special paper and pastels and began to explore.

Vivian was captivated with the idea. I loved how she used so many different vibrant colors.

Lucy was amazing! She really is quite the little artist. She was trying so hard to do her own work and not just copy what I was doing. I love her.

Vivian taking a moment to admire her hard work. I love the chalk all over her eyes, hands and sweater.

Lucy worked diligently on her picture for about an hour.

A sampling of the end product.

Marc joined in the fun too. It was such a fun night!

Haul out the holly . . .

When we went to get a tree this year, Lucy was in love with the white flocked ones. Being an Oregon girl myself, I was thinking we had to get green one. Then I looked this beautiful ponderosa pine with her branches pointing heavenward as she seemed to be saying, "Rejoice!" and I was sold.

I love that we have a mantle!!! The nativity set was given to me by my Grandma.

I helped my Grandma pack as she would be down-sizing soon. She gave me every ornament you see on this tree. It was so dreamy to sit by the fire and stare at this tree.

We put up our more traditional tree in the family room. Te kids all said this one was their favorite one. I do love all the memories each ornament holds.

Especially our Jonah whale and our 1960's angel . . .