Saturday, September 21, 2013

Family Fall Photo Shoot

Lucy, age 5 1/2

David, age 4

Vivian, age 2

David starts preschool!

After seeing his big sister start Kindergarten, David was more than ready for his turn to go to school too. And isn't he so handsome and so big!

Lucy was so excited for him. She walked hm to his class, made sure he had his name tag and showed him all around (her Kindergarten class is very similar).

Love these two and their backpacks!

My handsome Jack!

The house was filled with a magical feeling that morning and everyone was so excited for David.

On our way to make this happen. Such a great Daddy!

He loved it and spent most of the time checking out the fish. He thinks his teacher is super cool and loves to play with Lucy on recess.

And this little sass thought that her backpack should have let her in to play at preschool too. She was quite disappointed to learn she wouldn't be allowed to stay. Soon enough my sweet babe.

Lucy's music class

Lucy has started taking music classes as well through the same "Let's Play Music" program as Vivian's class. She loves it. I am so excited to see how musically inclined she is. I love seeing her pick out the right notes and use her sol feg. She loves to play her bells and all of my kids love to do the puppet shows to the classical songs. I get to go with her every other week and I must say that I am learning a lot too. 

Let's Play Music

Vivian started a Mom and Me Music class and we both love it!

We spend the whole time dancing and singing together and I also enjoy noticing how all of the pre-primer skills for music align with those for reading. It is wonderful and every time we're done she says, "That was fun Mommy."

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lucy's First Day of Kindergarten

The day finally came for this November birthday girl to start Kindergarten!

Much to my joy, she wanted a BYU backpack!

She was so excited and so ready to start going to school.


One excited little lady!

Ready to begin!

With her very sweet teacher

Getting right to work.

Her classroom is magical!

And we can sit and watch everything unfold behind a two-way mirror. How cool is that?

She insisted she get a picture with the cougar on our way home. I am so thankful to be her Mommy.

Heidi's Lucy Party

For about 4 years now, Heidi's birthday has not been complete without sharing it with Lucy. We call it her "Lucy Party."

The kids insist we make her a cake and love to sing and play with her for her special day. This year, Lucy was certain Heidi should have a princess cake so I got down the princess cake toppers I have and each child helped to decorate her amazing cake. They were very pleased with the end result and Heidi was very tickled. We love Heidi!


I am very proud of my little man learning to write his own name. The top one was written hand over hand and the bottom name was written by himself with only verbal prompts. Good job little guy!

Serious business

Vivian takes using the big girl potty very seriously. She insists on getting her own toilet paper, she then must wash her own hands (with pink soap) and then must dry them with a towel. And it does not matter how busy we may be, each step must be completed thoroughly each and every time. 

2 kitties and a puppy dog

The kids all decided one day they wanted to dress up like kitties and puppies.

I absolutely love it when all three of my children can find the same thing they want to play together with and then do so happily! Yay!

This puppy is so darn cute!

I love my little animals.

I taught at BYU's Education Week

Which this picture has nothing to do with, but by teaching there, I was given an extra pass to attend the conference so my parents were able to come and take in some classes. This of course, made the grandchildren very happy. At any rate, I taught about supporting members with disabilities in a church setting and the experience was phenomenal! I feel so grateful to be a part of something I can feel so passionate about.