Friday, April 25, 2014

We made it to Zion!

It was Lucy's Spring Break so since this was our first time juggling Spring Break as a family, we decided we needed to do something great!

We opted for camping and hiking at Zion National Park. We stayed at Watchman Campground right in the park. It has breathtaking views and is so convenient to see the park.

Isn't that a great view?!

Having fun setting up camp. (Actually, taking selfies while Marc set up camp)

Our first hike of the trip to Weeping Rock

The kids did great, but were not up for more than about a mile at a time.

These two adore each other.

The family at Weeping Rock

Everywhere we went, we kept meeting people form all over the world who had come to see this amazing site. I love Zion and I am so glad I can take my children there.

Do you love Lucy's poses?

It was great to see have the kids find such simple joys all along the way: playing in the sand, throwing rocks in the river, stacking rocks. finding bugs . . .

Me and my love (yes we are wearing matching shirts and yes, it was planned)

The Boy exploring

Coming up from playing at the river.

We stopped frequently to check out bugs. Vivian called them, "So adorable"

My beautiful first born.

Climbing some rocks

She is getting so big!

And her little sister has to do everything she sees her big sister do.

I was in my element

Hiking The Grotto

Marc and Lucy spent a lot of time chatting on the trip. She constantly wanted to be by him. It was really heart-warming to watch.

At The Grotto

Vivian stopped mid-hiking often to pick up a little rock or stare at some bugs. This particular time, she stuck 5 sticks in the ground and said, "Look, a little family." I love her so much. She brings our family so much joy.

Vivian insisted on scaling this rock all by herself (she is very independent)

And this is the look of pure joy on a 2-year-old's face after she just accomplished something all by herself!!!

A few shots of the incredible scenery

The kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. Marc and I enjoyed our tinfoil dinners and dutch oven cobbler-Mmmmmm!

Look at that darling little sassy crossed leg!

This boy loves his marshmallows.

The kids were asleep within moments of getting in their sleeping bags. It was great.

The morning got a little chilly

There were lots of caterpillars at our site and the kids were fascinated with them.

We hiked The River Walk to The Narrows

I love this picture for so many reasons.

These two had a great time running along the trail and checking out the river.

When we got down to the river, David and Vivian could not wait to get in it.

They threw rocks over and over again

David brought a little friend along

Vivian was so intent on finding the perfect rock

And once it was time to go . . . they were out!

I love spending time with these people.