Friday, April 25, 2014

We saw Moroni go on the temple!

They announced earlier in the day that Moroni would be placed on The Provo City Center Temple at 2:30pm. We were so excited to go watch it and then our friends invited us to come see it from their office in The Zion's Bank Tower! It was such a great view. You can see Moroni at the bottom right of the temple as he is just about to be lifted up.

He is up! People literally gasped as he was lifted. We were all so excited. Then Vivian yelled, "Look! Birds!" as a few pigeons flew by. It was very funny.

The kids loved watching the whole thing.

Every time we drive by, at least one of the kids will say, "That's the Moroni we saw go on the temple."

Our family sharing this amazing experience together.

I was told they use a special tool to ensure Moroni faces perfectly east.

And we were able to witness history. It was a beautiful moment filled with the spirit.

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