Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reason # 483 Why My Daddy is Amazing . . .

There was a contest on Craigslist for free piano lessons. My Daddy wrote the following poem and he was selected as one of only two winners! Daddy, we think you're amazing!

While browsing Craig's list with my wife one night,
I came upon quite the sight:
Oprah's "Big Give" gave this pianist some charity,
which in this day and age is quite a rarity.
When I was a young child interested in toys,
The sound of Mother's keyboard provided background noise.
She would play ragtime, and sometimes play some Chopin,
I could even hear her play outside when the door was open.
As I watched her tickle the keys and rattle the strings
I knew I wanted to learn how to make musical things.
Since she also led the music at church time
I realized playing and leading were related sublime.
So I asked her if I could lead one night
She played a melody so sweet and light, fast and slow.
How the notes came from my hand, I didn't know.
I finally asked how could be such a musician
When I didn't know even basic hand position.
She smiled and told me how leading guides,
And if I wanted to play, it would take some practice time.
Now I'm 40, and I am ready to learn, to give it a whirl,
So I can make sounds of ragtime and Chopin for my little girl.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rise and Shout!

Mommy took me to my 1st BYU Graduation (well at least my 1st one outside of my Mommy's tummy)! By the way, this is why she is writing in blue today. Anyway, I got to meet lots of her awesome students and see the yummy mint brownies. Mommy didn't get to wear her cool robes because she was afraid I'd spit up on them.

Congratulations class of 2008!
Go Cougars!!!

Daddy's New Toy . . .

Daddy has arrived with his Honda lawnmower! He did a good job of explaining to Mommy why this lawnmower is so much better than one you could just buy at Wal-Mart. Mommy told me it's kind of like when she needs to buy Mac make-up vs. Loreal. Anyway-he has a new toy!
And Mommy likes to play with it too. We can't wait to have all our friends and family over for BBQ's this summer!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TWO Big Adventures On Saturday

Mommy and Daddy took me on this train that was a lot like the subway in Boston, but this was above the ground and they called it "Trax".
We went to the SLC Library for their used book sale where Mommy bought me all kinds of books for a $1 each!
Then, I got a big girl highchair! It is so fun to sit up and see the world. Mommy says in a few more weeks I am going to start eating more than just her yummy milk-how exciting.


Boy was this an adventure! And it had my Mommy and Daddy laughing like crazy.
The finished product! Mom said she is going to keep working on it so I won't look too much like my Great Grandma, but more like a cute baby ;)
Daddy always says, "Beauty is a duty". I guess I am learning young.

Out To Eat

My Mom and Dad felt very adventurous one night and decided we should go out to dinner. It was very exciting and I behaved very nicely.
Afterwards we went for a walk along the River Trail. We tried to take a picture of all 3 of us AND the river. It was tricky. As you can see below, we got the river, but no Daddy.
Here we got Daddy but no river. We could fill a page with our attempts, but you get the idea. We had a VERY fun time regardless.

Friday, April 18, 2008

When You Laugh, The World Laughs With You . . .

Here is Lucy laughing-so cute! Sorry you have to deal with the swinging motion (the last 10 seconds are the best). The greatest thing is we show this video clip to Lucy over and over and she LOVES it. She just smiles and laughs as she watches it. We'll have to get a video of her watching the video.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh the Things We Pass On . . .

I have this fabulous pink hat that has been all over with me. The best part is we have managed to capture several pictures of just the pink hat without me in it.
Above you see the pink hat and Marc in Time's Square.
Here is the pink hat hiking with Marc in Provo Canyon.
And the pink hat with Marc on the Brooklyn Bridge.
And now we have a new pink hat in Boston with Marc and me!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tagged...The Marc Version

Katie tagged me a few days ago for the second time in our marriage. Since the people that I tagged after Katie's first tag have not responded, I am going to model good behavior and respond in a socially appropriate (e.g., timely) manner. Hint, hint, Gloria...

If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go?
Peru. Machu Picchu, to be specific.
Where would you retire? Scipio. I need to be with my wife.
Most memorable birthday? 40th. Katie held a surprise party with Dutch oven cooking and a fire pit for hotdogs. I was surprised how many people came. It was great!
What is your favorite flower? The flowers I give to Katie, because they make her smile.
When was the last time you cried? Crying? What's that?
What did you do last night? Looked at lawn mowers, bought and planted some flowers, and tried to watch the movie "Cars."
What are you afraid of? Katie hiding from the wild animal that came down from the mountains and not being able to find her. Oh, and death by burning.
3 bad habits? (Dis) organization, Beto's, procrastination.
If I were a billionaire I would? Pay designers and fashion shows to ban "size zero" models, develop alternatives to fossil fuel energy, and anonymously pay people's hospital bills.
A few things your friends might not know about you? I have worked on a dairy farm (hardest job), as a telemarketer, sold Cutco knives (two worst jobs), made countertops, and set planograms for Target. I am a certified SCUBA diver and have found a sunken boat and some money on a couple of my dives. I flew a six-passenger plane once in the Alaskan wilderness, on the way to Denali Wilderness Lodge.
I tag? Ryan, Mindy, and Heidi

Five Months

Dear Lucy-

We've had quite a month, haven't we? Since you have come into our family, every month has been quite a month. I finally got my brace off, and can now feed you a bottle and change your diaper. Mom is thrilled, and so am I. I've missed being involved as much as I would like. We also took our first airplane trip together-to Boston. While there you attended an important conference, met a TV star, and negotiated the subway. You travel well. Maybe we should go to Peru next summer.

Here are ten things I've learned/observed this past month:

  1. You are photogenic, like your Mom. See above for an example.
  2. You are a "conversationalist," like your sisters. You have discovered your voice and you use it often to tell us your thoughts about who-knows-what.
  3. You can see things that are across the room. This is most obvious when the thing that is far away is Mommy.
  4. When people are around, it's hard for you to fall asleep; not because they are loud, but because you want to watch them.
  5. There are definitely things you love: Mommy, Daddy, books, the ABC song, swing, bottles, and being outside, to name a few.
  6. Whenever I change your diaper, you grab my left hand with both of yours, then hug it close to your chest and smile at me. I melt every time.
  7. You are fascinated by Your Heidi. Isn't everybody?
  8. Sometimes I lie awake at night and listen to you coo while you're sleeping. It makes me smile. I think you are dreaming about milk.
  9. When we go walking in the Baby Bjorn, you like to hold my hands. It makes me feel important, and lets me know that you're okay.
  10. Mommy shows unconditional love towards you, even in the middle of the night, when she is so tired (and you should be, too).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tagged . . . The Abridged Version

I got tagged by my friend Danica, but it is way long so I am going to just hit on the highlights:

If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go? Tennessee
Where would you retire? Scipio
Most memorable birthday? Cruising in the South Caribbean for the big 30
What is your favorite flower? Daisies-the simple white ones that come in a bunch
When was the last time you cried? Pick a day (life is good, just wear my emotions on my sleeve)
What did you do last night? Had Family Night with Marc's family-always a treat
What are you afraid of? A wild animal coming down from the mountains (I really need to get over it)
3 bad habits? 1) Brushing the crumbs on the floor 2) Gossiping 3) Smart Cookies
If I were a billionaire I would? Create a scholarship for middle-class white students
A few things your friends might not know about you? I was captain of my Track & Field team in high school and I don't like rootbeer floats
I tag? Marc, Jayna and Jen

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Is My New Toy . . .

I LOVE it!And my Mommy loves it too!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Five Months Ago I Had No Idea the Following Would Bring Me Such Joy . . .

1. Your sweet face wearing rhinestone pink sunglasses.
2. Your tiny little toots.
3. Hearing the relief that comes after you burp from patting your back for what seems like forever.
4. Buying you a teeny tiny swimming suit.
5. Seeing your eyes connect with Daddy's.
6. Watching you finally give up the fight and fall asleep.
7. Hearing you lift your legs and drop them as you play in your crib.
8. To see the look of pure satisfaction on your face as you reach and grab something.
9. Observing you follow along as I read you a story.
10. To know that you know who I am. Oh how I love it when you smile at me and shake your little arms and legs-and all I have to do is walk in the room.

Happy 5 Months Lucy Girl!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Boston, Some Wicked Awesome Fun!

Hi guys, we're back from Boston! Did you miss us? This is us our first night at a fancy reception. My parents were all excited to meet this guy they call, "The Fonze". As you can see, I was not near as impressed. I wanted to look out the window at Fenway Park again.
This, however, was very cool. I went swimming for the first time in a great big over-sized tubby!
Mommy was there to go to a conference for people that teach special education while Daddy watched me, but that didn't keep me from getting my meal breaks with her.
Here we are in the heart of Boston ready to begin The Freedom Trail (it was a VERY abbreviated version since all I really wanted was to take a nap).
Mommy said this was one of the best sites she saw in all of Boston.
Oh, my Heidi (or parent #3) was there too-she sure is growing on me!
Then our good friend, Daryl, who lives in Boston took us all around to see the sites. He was so fun and I loved to hear him play the piano. Mom & Dad loved the sandwich shop, Darwin's, he took us to by Harvard.
This is the Boston LDS Temple. It was the 100th temple to be dedicated.
This was Mommy's favorite-Walden Pond! I stayed in the car while Daryl drove me all around to keep me asleep. Mom and Dad were very grateful for Daryl-he was also very good to sing me my favorite song, The ABC's, as we drove.
This is me trying to blend in with the Eastern Culture. Everybody loved me over there and constantly came up to see me. I was a good ambassador of The West and gave lots of cute smiles.
Hanging out in the city with my Dad. He took me on the subway and all over. Mom said we have Dad's so we can do exciting things like that.
On Newberry street in the "Brownstone" area (even though it's all red brick). We had some YUMMY good food! The best was our cannoli from Mike's and Modern.
Ready to go home. Mommy and Daddy said I was a good little traveler and I was quick to let them know if I didn't want to do something. I think they were quick learners.
All-in-all a wicked good time!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day Everybody!

***Mommy says if this picture doesn't bring a smile to your face she doesn't know what else could!

Tagged . . . Brought To You By The Number 6

Mommy got tagged by her friend Liz.
Here are the rules:
A: Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves
B: At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names.

1) I received an A- in a men's only weight lifting class at BYU.
2) I wrote an entire thesis and I still have never learned how to type.
3) My first kiss was when I was in college.
4) When I was a kid I used to hold the car door open as long as I could imagining that I was saving little elves who were jumping into our car fleeing from the parking lot.
5) Me and my friends used to love to touch electric fences to get the shock as a teenager-not recommended but it is quite a feeling!
6)I have been skydiving.Mommy tags some new bloggers: Heidi, Robyn, Jen, Kristi, Lindsay, and Shelia