Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Potty Training Vivian

We took a time frame where we had three days to devote to potty training the baby of our home. I was actually shocked at how well she caught on to the idea. I think having an older brother and sister to encourage her really helped. Lucy loved to give her stickers and stamps each time she would go potty and David would run all around the house cheering, "Vivi went potty!" each time she would go. It was very sweet. 

By the end of the first day she really had the concept of peeing in the potty down (pooping took at least another week). We still have an accident or two each day so I wonder if she may not have been physically ready. Oh well, we're committed and I just think this little lady is the cutest two-year-old around.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Girl's Camp

It was my absolute pleasure to go to Girl's Camp this year as a leader. Above are the 4th year girls just getting back from their hike. They weathered a crazy storm, but came back all smiles.

Marc came up as a priesthood leader one day and I felt like I was a kid again hanging out with my boyfriend.

I labeled all of my stuff with hot pink duct tape so Marc made sure everyone knew he was mine!

The confidence course was a blast. I even did the trust fall-which made my heart race and my mouth go dry, but it was amazing!

Such a great group of girls. No drama! I loved it!

My man helping out.

The skit was hilarious. They did a spoof on The Bachelor with Juan Pablo. I laughed so hard I cried.

The food was incredible! Sister King was everyones favorite chef.

I loved the hike we did. Camp Mia Shalom is in a very gorgeous area.

This Laurel is awesome. she is so fun, athletic, outdoorsy and the kindest person to everyone. I loved getting to know her better.

The leaders. I felt like I was just constantly trying to absorb their wisdom.

After the hike we had pedicures.

and manicures

Our ward's Young Women's Presidency: Jenni, Katie, Emily & Michelle

Cabin life. Playing a little "Would you rather . . ."

I love these ladies.

I had a blast with the Laurels late one night playing and running all around with the glow sticks. I really channeled my inner girl that week and I loved it. What a blessing it is to be a girl and for girl's camp to allow us that opportunity.

Little canoeing with The cute Beehives.

I was very brave

Serving by writing letters to missionaries (I love Sister King)

The whole gang. What a great group of women!

Gorgeous sunset on the last night we were there. I love girl's camp!

1st lost tooth

Lucy started telling me she had a loose tooth about a week before I went to Girl's Camp. With a day left before I was about to go, I started to get worried I would miss her first tooth coming out. I inspected the tooth (that she was constantly wiggling) and realized it was VERY loose. I told her that if she just gave it one big tug, it might hurt for a few seconds, but then it would be fine and probably come right out. She completely followed my advice and pop! The tooth was out! She was a bit shocked at first about the blood, but then she was thrilled and had to call both sets of grandparents. I was then shocked by how much older it made her look. Wow!


Once upon a time I went to Asia and I bought these darling outfits for my niece and nephew (who were only a few months old at the time) and a few more darling outfits for my future children (I was not even married at the time I went). Fast Forward 15 years, the niece and nephew are much older  and I have no idea where the outfits are I bought for my own children. Fortunately my sister was able to find the outfit I bought for her son and she sent it to me just in time for my final child to wear it before it was too small for anyone to wear. So here it is. Documented. I went to Asia. I have a cute kid to wear an outfit I bought while I was over there. All is right with the world. 

Dreams really do come true!

I still can't believe my very best friend since the seventh grade moved out here from NYC and lives two houses down from me! I love it. Our kids play with one another all the time and we are able to borrow all sorts of things from one another. Most of all I am grateful to have her familiar face and sense of constancy so frequently in my life. I love her. I love her babies. I love that we are neighbors!

Best friends eternal apart or together!

Temple to Temple 5k

We got up bright and early on Pioneer Day to run a 5k. It went from The Provo Temple to The Provo City Center Temple. It was so great!

Our cute little pioneer lady.

This was the first annual run and I hope it's not the last. As we approached the temple at the finish line I said to the kids, "We did it! We made it to the temple!" I then felt tears swell up in my eyes. What a great reminder!

Reason #6,476 why . . .

I love this man!

No more crib . . . ever

I got very nostalgic when it was Vivian's last night in her crib. I just kept starring at her.

It was hard for me to know the chapter of using a crib in our home was being closed. The blessing of having a baby in our home was quickly passing.

I am so thankful for this little one. Each night as I lay her down (even now that she is in her big girl bed) I say, "Goodnight Vivian." To which she replies, "Good . . . night . . . Momm . . .eee" Then I say, "I love you Vivian." To hear her reply, "I . . . love you too . . . Momm. . . eee"

Family Prayer

We like to hold hands as we say our family prayer each night. This presented a slight problem when we were trying to break Vivian from her bottle and told her she could only have it in her bed. Thankfully her brother and sister are very creative.

Hot tub?

These two silly ladies like to get in here and call it their hot tub!

Cousin visit

We had the pleasure of hosting Raelynn and two of her friends the night before they were heading to EFY. Lucy was enamored with these cool big girls. I loved watching her stare at them.

They were such good girls and I would love to have Lucy follow in their footsteps.

Pre-church photo shoot

Love this of these sweet sisters!

So thankful they have each other.

Vivian looks so big!

Vivian 2 years old

Such happy kids (I'm pretty sure David's hair got combed before we actually left for church)

My favorite of the whole bunch. Shows my children's personalities so well!

I love how happy they are.

Vivian is such a goofball.

These two are starting to become dear friends.

What a lucky Mama I am!

The joy of water

Marc's favorite way to play with the kids generally involves water.

Either washing the car in the driveway, turning on the sprinkler, tossing them in the hot tub, squirting the guys as he proclaims, "I'm Water Guy" (the kids like to call him this), or just turning on the hose.

As you can see, they love it!

Vivian loves the water. She doesn't even flinch as she gets soaked, just all smiles. And David always manages to stay way dryer than her.

I love Vivian's face here!

Pure joy! Summer fun!