Friday, June 29, 2012

Sterling Toto

We got a new puppy and he is really, really cute! He is a Shih tzu and Brussels Griffon mix. He is quite mellow (for a puppy), he likes to nibble our toes and he makes us all really happy.

He is teeny-tiny

Vivian kind of has a love-hate relationship with him. She constantly wants to be around him, but gets very hesitant when he gets a little too nibbly on her toes and fingers. She constantly says, "Puppy". Whenever someone comes to our home, she points and says, "Pupy." It is a very important part of her life right now. She cracks me up.

Lucy has been so responsible at caring for him! She feeds him, takes him out to go potty and just loves him constantly. It is so sweet to watch her with him. She is such a nurturer.

David is such a boy with him. He drinks out of his water bowl, chases him, pulls his hair and throws balls with him. For he most part, the puppy seems to like it.
We knew we would need to get a puppy that would just have to accept the fact that he would be loved and played with constantly. He has been a very good sport so far. He makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

We had a fun shoot at The Provo Courthouse. My friend has a great eye. Marc and I made some cute models. And I picked out some great colors.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I smile when I clean your handprints

Dear Sweet Children of Mine, I want you to know that I smile when I clean your tender little hand-prints off the walls, sinks, windows and mirrors. I smile because I have learned from Jonah's Mommy what a blessing it is to have these precious prints in my home. I want you to know that I am grateful for the chaos my life holds because I am your Mother. To say I am thankful to be a Mom is an understatement. Being your Mother and a wife to your Daddy is my life. Living each day as a family has given me the opportunity to live a dream I wished for for so long. I love my little family. You are my greatest joy, my grandest challenge and my beautiful purpose for all that I do. I treasure you, I embrace my life and I love to see the evidence of my charmed life all around me; fingerprints and all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today . . .

I set-up the slip-n'-slide, filled up the kiddie pool and set out the sprinkler. Then we invited the neighbors over as we dined on chicken nuggets and fruit and played with our new puppy. I sat back for a moment taking it all in and I was so grateful to be that Mom. What a charmed life I live.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday to the man who has made so many of my dreams come true. Here's to many more years and never ending dreaming. I love you Marc!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flash back

Vivian is wearing a dress my sister and I used to wear. So cute.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A photo essay


Marc and I went hiking in a canyon near our home. It was lovely until all of a sudden I saw TWO snakes. I grabbed Marc's arm and said, "Snake, snake!" Marc was trying to figure out what it was and then came down by me. Someone else was coming up the trail and he didn't seemed to be phased by the snakes, so we decided to walk a few feet behind him. No more snakes came out with him, but they totally came out again when we walked by. We were quite certain they were not venomous so I was trying to be brave and keep hiking. Then I saw one dangling in the tree!!! I ran! I looked back to see Marc still trying to figure out what kind it was. I yelled, "Marc, if you don't get down here (pause) I'm going to have a problem!" It was very eloquent. He came down and we hiked somewhere else. I have had multiple nightmares about snakes since the event including one where I reached over in the bed and grabbed Marc's chest in an attempt to get a snake off of him.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tri Hard Dad!

Marc had a triathlon on Saturday. We went to cheer him on!

Lucy made her sign all by herself. It was a lovely picture of her and her Daddy. She held it up with pride.

After we cheered him on from the bike to the run, we played on the playground a bit.

Daddy just about to go to through the finish line.

He grabbed Lucy & David and ran through the finish line with them. It was precious.

Our triathlete! Good job Daddy (Marc)!

Celebrating 3 years with our little man

It took my breath away a bit as I put THREE candles on David's cake. Is he really that old? Wow!

We tried hard to plan a party filled with the people and things David loves most. This of course meant Eliza needed to come and we needed to play in water!

Other important guests included Aunt Jayna, Grandpa, both his Grandmas and our neighbors.

I thought this pool was going to be way too small for the kids to have fun with, but it sure did not stop them from having a great time!

Our handsome three year-old. When Lucy asked him what color he wanted his cake to be, he responded, "Umm, green." So green it was!

The party was a success. As I looked back at the pictures, I loved seeing his smiling face in every single one. He truly had a great time with every thing we planned and he loved every gift he received.

I love this picture of my boy.

Such a happy little guy.

Grandma got him some rockets and boy were they a hit!

And of course my inquisitive boy figured out right away how to make them work.

The slip n' slide was the biggest hit of the day. The kids went down it over and over again. I had a neighbor tell me recently that something she is so grateful she did with her TEN children was that she always had birthday parties. She said she looks back on them with great fondness. I plan to do the same!