Friday, February 28, 2014

A few more for posterity

My Mom sent me these priceless photos from her wedding day to my Dad. Aren't they lovely!

My Mom looks so young!

Being walked down the aisle by her father

My Mom told me she loves how happy she looks in all of these photos. May we all find such joy with our eternal companions.

When I wase a little one

I came across these lovely gems when I was looking through family pictures. This is me with my Dad when I was about 4 years-old. I always loved my freckles!

Here I am in front of our house in Mesa, AZ. I think I was in Kindergarten here. Do you love my socks? And look at that thick hair!

I totally remember this dance outfit. I danced to "On the good ship lollipop" and it was a tap dance. I think I was about 5 years-old.

Family History

In my attempt to get pictures for the family tree we painted on our wall, I have been engulfed in family history. It has been so fun to see pictures of my ancestors as well as Marc's. These are all uploaded on, but here are just a few highlights: The picture above is of Adolph and Vivian Reeder, Marc's great-great grandparents. She is who Vivian carries the same name.

Alonzo and Alice Sampson. My Grandpa Sampson's parents.

Lloyd and Irene Christensen: my Grandma Sampson's parents

Rose Cardon-my Grandma Sampson's grandma. I always heard so many wonderful things about her. Vivian carries her name for her middle name.

My darling Grandma and Grandpa Sampson

This is a picture from Marc's line (Reeder). Do you see how the father has a wooden leg. I want to learn that story.

My Grandma Sampson's father (Lloyd Christensen) is the little boy on the left. His mother's name was Tillie-isn't that a fabulous name!

This gorgeous lady is my Grandpa Smith's mother, Mary Elizabeth Jones

Marc's grandparents, Jane and Seymour Steed. His grandfather sealed us when we were married in The Provo Temple.

Valentine's Day

This was my best Valentine's Day yet! I woke up to flowers and cookies from Sodalicious in my room and this darling picture on my screensaver! The kids loved their little goodies we got them. Lucy loved her Valentine party at school. David loved after he got over the fact he would have to give away his Angry Bird Valentines. Once he realized the other kids were giving him cool Valentines too, he was okay with it all. We surprised Marc at work with balloons in his office with hearts attached to each balloon with different things we love about him. Then we went to lunch with him and came home to have a cousin's Valentine's Party with Brigham, Jane, Betsy, Eliza, Norah and Will. It was a bit chaotic, but very fun. Then Marc took me out to dinner and then to this great concert at BYU with 3 country songwriters singing some of their hits like, "Baby's gotten good at goodbyes" and "Just to see you smile". Then Marc and I went to the restaurant of our first date and where he also proposed to me and gave the couple sitting in the booth we got engaged in some money to cover their dinner. It was awesome and the wife just smiled and said, "You made our day!" So fun to celebrate love!

A real ice castle

They made this amazing ice castle in Midway this winter and with the movie Frozen just coming out-we knew we had to go!

The kids were in awe

This was the slot canyon part of the castle

The kids making their way through the crevice

Me and my love hanging out in an ice castle

our pretty little toothless lady

Making her way through the ice tunnel

Vivian is so brave!

David was brave enough to go AFTER Vivian.

We were all standing when we started to take this picture, but the girls were leaning on me and it was so icy so this is what the picture ended up looking like!

It really was very breathtaking

The coolest part was the tube slide!

Vivian got a bit topsy turvy on it, but she still had fun

I even went down and it was so fun!

David loved it. He must have went down it at least 10 times!

Such a cool experience. Then we headed to our happy place in Heber, Chicks, for the most amazing cinnamon rolls and scones around.

Another tooth

On February 9, 2014, Lucy lost her third tooth! I was shocked at how much older she would look with an upper tooth missing. Wow! She is growing into a little lady. I love to see her grow and blows my mind all at the same time.


This little lady lady is so full of love. Sitting with Grandpa Sampson

She loved decorating these candy hearts. She would scribble something and say, "This says, 'I love Mom"' or "This says, 'I love my Dad"'. Darling lady.

Roll me up

These two are becoming quite good little playmates with one another and it makes me so happy to see them play with one another. Often David tells Vivian what to say and she jumps into his world for a while (which he loves) and repeats everything he says. She has just started telling him what to say now. Another cute Vivian thing, this morning she was talking to Marc about her right and left hand to which she said while wiggling her right hand, "This is my right hand" and then wiggled her left hand and said, "And this is my wrong hand."

Family drum session

I have been amazed at how much this drum set can bond people and help them take down their defenses.

Family Tree

We had this great big white wall I wasn't sure what to do with . . .
So I called my dear friend Julie and we got to work. She is such a great artist! (Vivian "helped" too)

And an amazing tree started to take shape.

I LOVE it!

Eventually I will hang pictures of our ancestors on it, but for now I am enjoying just the tree.

Julie added some fun personal touches. On the trunk there is a heart with the the initials, "M+K"