Friday, February 28, 2014

A real ice castle

They made this amazing ice castle in Midway this winter and with the movie Frozen just coming out-we knew we had to go!

The kids were in awe

This was the slot canyon part of the castle

The kids making their way through the crevice

Me and my love hanging out in an ice castle

our pretty little toothless lady

Making her way through the ice tunnel

Vivian is so brave!

David was brave enough to go AFTER Vivian.

We were all standing when we started to take this picture, but the girls were leaning on me and it was so icy so this is what the picture ended up looking like!

It really was very breathtaking

The coolest part was the tube slide!

Vivian got a bit topsy turvy on it, but she still had fun

I even went down and it was so fun!

David loved it. He must have went down it at least 10 times!

Such a cool experience. Then we headed to our happy place in Heber, Chicks, for the most amazing cinnamon rolls and scones around.

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