Friday, February 28, 2014

Family History

In my attempt to get pictures for the family tree we painted on our wall, I have been engulfed in family history. It has been so fun to see pictures of my ancestors as well as Marc's. These are all uploaded on, but here are just a few highlights: The picture above is of Adolph and Vivian Reeder, Marc's great-great grandparents. She is who Vivian carries the same name.

Alonzo and Alice Sampson. My Grandpa Sampson's parents.

Lloyd and Irene Christensen: my Grandma Sampson's parents

Rose Cardon-my Grandma Sampson's grandma. I always heard so many wonderful things about her. Vivian carries her name for her middle name.

My darling Grandma and Grandpa Sampson

This is a picture from Marc's line (Reeder). Do you see how the father has a wooden leg. I want to learn that story.

My Grandma Sampson's father (Lloyd Christensen) is the little boy on the left. His mother's name was Tillie-isn't that a fabulous name!

This gorgeous lady is my Grandpa Smith's mother, Mary Elizabeth Jones

Marc's grandparents, Jane and Seymour Steed. His grandfather sealed us when we were married in The Provo Temple.

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