Monday, March 10, 2014

Family Tree With Pictures

I LOVED this project! It was such a great way to light the fire of the spirit of Elijah for me. It was like putting a puzzle together as Marc and I hung the pictures on the wall and I felt so accomplished when they were all up there. This was a project that in the end combined: artwork, family, research, and love. I hope this legacy will be a very real thing for my children through all eternity.


The kids love having their cousins over. They get so excited when we tell them they are coming. It is so great to have them so close.

David and Brigham age 4

Eliza is 5 and Lucy is 6, but Lucy sure tries (and always has tried) to get Eliza to play with her at her level. It makes me smile.

Sweet Sunday Pictures

I love Sabbath Mornings when we have time to capture a few pictures of how cute the kids look.

I also love it when the girls are good about letting me do their hair. (Vivian looked so grown-up when I did her hair like this).

Pure sweetness

Sweet sisters (ages: 2 1/2 and 6)

Vivian just loves and admires Lucy so much.

It is tricky to get all three in one shot, but this turned out pretty cute if you ask me.