Friday, February 26, 2010


"I got my queen on!"
-Lucy 2/24/2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

My little reader

I am a teacher by trade and I must say watching Lucy begin to "read" has been one of my greatest joys as a mother. And for my other nerd teacher friends that will appreciate this: She understands to start at the front of a book, she turns the pages in order, she points to the print, repeats common phrases, begins her stories with "Once upon a time . . ." and ends them with "The End" and my personal favorite . . . licks her finger before turning the page (just like Mom):

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nostalgia . . .

The old Ream's in Downtown Provo has closed. When they took down their butcher paper advertisements from their outside walls it revealed all of these great old ads (like from TAB and stuff). Between the advertisements and the great green wall, we decided it would be a fabulous place to take some fun pictures . . .

Monday, February 15, 2010

How could The Father tell the world?

We're learning this song in Primary and it has really taught me a lot lately about my Heavenly Father. Here are the lyrics:

How could the Father tell the world Of love and tenderness?
He sent His son, a newborn babe,
with peace and holiness.

How could the Father show the world
the pathway we should go?
He sent His Son, to walk with men
on earth, that we may know.

How could the Father tell the world
of sacrifice, of death?
He sent his Son to die for us
and rise with living breath.

What does the Father ask of us?
What do the scriptures say?
Have faith, have hope, live like his Son,
help others on their way.

What does He ask? Live like his Son.

As I ponder the words to this song my thought is, "Heavenly Father gets it." When we think of any tragedy (like the one that just happened recently to a family in Utah who lost both of their daughters ages 15 months and 4 years within days of each other) or any other sorrow, any heartache, any uncertainty, any amount of loneliness . . . Heavenly Father gets it.

And why does He get it? Because he has been there. He not only has been there but he has gone there. He so fully understands the plan of eternal salvation that he willingly gave His only begotten son to endure ALL things even death.

Here is where I have done a lot of thinking lately. Any parent of worth would, without hesitation, rather endure any trial over their child having to take upon the pain themselves. We hear so often from parents of children who are in wheelchairs that they wish they could be the one confined so that their child could know what it was like to move freely. Any parent who has had to endure watching a sick child would much rather take the illness over their child having to pass through it. I think it would be fair to say that we parents would, if the option were given, willingly take the pain in place of our children.

I think of this as I sit holding my sweet children. Not wanting any harm to come upon them. Not knowing how I could bare the thought if anything were to happen to them. Knowing that I would give and do anything for their lives to be as carefree as possible. And then it hits me . . .

As much as I am grateful for all that Jesus Christ did for me and I acknowledge and am indebted to Him as my Savior. I cannot even begin to comprehend what my Heavenly Father so willingly sacrificed on my behalf. HE SENT HIS SON.

He sent his son. He sent Him knowing that he would endure ALL things, even death. And yet He did it for all of us. I am sure, if it were possible, He would have much rather endured the heartache over having to see His son endure such pain. And yet He knew the plan. He so fully understood that He willingly sent His own son on our behalf. He so fully gets it.

So when life seems unbelievably hard and we do not know how or where to find the strength. We can turn to Him. Because He completely understands. Our greatest defense in times of struggle will be to draw as close to our Father in Heaven as possible and to become as much like Him. Beacuase He truly has the strength to overcome all things.

We have not been left alone to accomplish this task. Because Heavenly Father sent us the perfect example to know how to go. He sent His son. And we must, Live like His son.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why my heart is full of love . . .

Today and always.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I love that Lucy calls her harmonica a "Musica"

See full size image

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A treasured moment . . .

David will wake up before anyone else. Marc picks him up and brings him to me as I sit half awake to nurse him on our chair in the front room. I hold my baby and play with his hair and rub his back. He quickly nods back into dream land. I hold him just a little longer and stare at his little nose and mouth that is still making the sucking motion. By this time, Marc is up and getting ready for work. I lay my sweet baby in bed beside me and cuddle him until his sister wakes up and we begin our day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Children

When one of you is sad, it is seeing your brother or sister that can instantly make you smile. All Lucy has to do is acknowledge David and he is all smiles. You innately brighten each others' day. You were meant to be here for one another. Please never forget this.

When the world about you changes. If you lose a friend you thought would always be there. If we ever have to up and move and you don't know anyone. If you ever feel alone. Know this; your sibling was sent from your Heavenly Father so you will always have a best friend.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What was I thinking?

In Lucy's The Friend magazine this month it had a great story about the man who carved the words "Holiness to The Lord" on The Salt Lake Temple. After the story it gave the idea to make your own banner. I looked at Lucy and said, "Shall we make one?"
What was I thinking??? Do you see all of those little letters cut out of felt? And then they were HOT glued on to the bigger piece of felt. The activity consisted of me saying a whole lot of, "Don't touch that." "That will burn you." "Only Mommy uses scissors." and so forth. And after we got done, Lucy wanted to rip the letters off. Seriously, what part of that activity did I think my two-year-old could successfully take part in?