Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Lecture I Would Like to Give . . .

I feel I was handed a list of grand expectations for my life with each passing year of my young womanhood experience. This list included things like, but was not limited to: receiving all the education I could, marrying a wonderful man, being a supportive wife and nurturing mother all while being very kind and charitable to those around me. The list is good-I wouldn't change it. But I find it interesting how this somewhat perfect list has evolved for me over the years.

1) Education: I was going to school originally to learn what I needed to be a good Mom. I never would have dreamed that I would one day have a Master's degree and be offered a position on faculty at the age of 26. I was also NEVER going to work when I was a Mother and yet it is right- for now. We do not plan on me working much longer, and it has gone against everything I used to believe. I have really had to learn that personal revelation for my family will not be determined by my culture, but through the quiet whisperings and peace to me and my husband as we commune with our Heavenly Father. I am constantly finding myself communicating with my Heavenly Father and asking, "Lord, where should I labor today?"

I suppose "today" is a key word there. I believe a great mission of women is to give their all in the season they are in. We never know how long these seasons may last-but we give our all when we are called to be in them. We do not live constantly in the future, but we embrace the present. This is true with how we commit to where we live, how we magnify our abilities to support those we are called to serve, how we perform tasks at work, how we embrace each stage of life our children are in and how we sustain our husband in each endeavor he is called to take.

2) Marriage: I did not marry until I was 29 years-old.I am not going to lie, it was really hard. I can remember nights of crying into my pillow and longing for my eternal companionship. I felt at times I had been forgotten when everyone else was so blessed.

I would be lying if I didn't say that this season of being alone was also a wonderful blessing in my life. The opportunities that came my way were countless. I really tried hard to live it up and do everything I could.

The ultimate blessing from this time alone was that I learned that I wanted to be a wife. I had always viewed marriage as my ticket to becoming a Mom and to do cool things like PTA and Girl's Scouts. Being alone allowed me the opportunities to reflect on what truly made great relationships and I realized how much I desired for this in my life.

A few months before I met Marc, my Grandfather passed away. I remember seeing him there in his hospital bed barely able to speak and yet every time, I mean EVERY time my Grandma would tell him she loved him, he would respond back to her, "I love you too". I walked away from that moment in my life realizing I not only wanted to be loved like that, but even more so, I wanted to LOVE like that. I know that my relationship with Marc is the most fundamental connection I have to becoming as God-like as possible.

3) Motherhood: Much of my thoughts on this topic have been blended in above. But I must add a few more thoughts. I am so grateful that Marc brought to our marriage two beautiful daughters. I believe they have a great Mother already and I have no intention of taking her place. I also know that I love Hailey and Melia. I think of them constantly and desire to be a strong example and anchor of love in their lives. I know that families are eternal and I am grateful for the entire family I have been blessed with even if it is not the traditional family I always thought I would have.

I must also say that I never realized how much my heart could ache or flutter with joy until I became a Mother. My babies are a piece of me. Deadlines, perfect outfits and a pristine home is nothing compared to moments I can read, play and laugh with my children.

4) Being Charitable to Others: I think we often believe we know exactly how life should work out. As I said from the beginning, since my young womanhood an outline has been perfectly determined for me. But life doesn't always work out like we had planned. As a matter of fact-it never does. But isn't that wonderful! I think we could spend our lives sulking and caring only for ourselves or we could wake up and realize that we are probably not the only ones with a problem and we all have the power within to make other's lives better. I have found the latter a much more enjoyable way to walk through life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Family Day at The Park . . .

Daddy came too-he did a great job catching me!

A Day with Great Grandma

Does it get any better than this?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Decisions . . .

Thanks for all of your help with my "big" dilemmas in life. Your advice really helped.

We opted for the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double Stroller which we are already using and really loving . . .
It is long, but I had to come to terms with the fact that a double stroller was not going to be as easy to maneuver as a single stroller (this is a mantra in life I think I will soon need to adopt on so many levels). We really like that the stroller has a seat in the back for Lucy that can come off and then she can do the whole standing thing. We also liked that the front seat could hold the baby's car seat. Oh and did I mention cup holders?

As for maternity pants, thank you Jessica for the bag of maternity clothes!!! It was like Christmas. I also took the advice several of you had to get the Motherhood "secret fit" pants and they are amazing.

So life is better and more simple all due to your wonderful comments! THANKS!

***note: that is totally my body above-I just tend to get long skinny legs and wear really high heels whenever I am pregnant.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pregnancy Uno vs. Pregnancy Dos

Pregnancy 1: I couldn't wait for my belly to expand and for everyone to see I was pregnant
Pregnancy 2: My belly EXPLODED over night way before I was ready for it

Pregnancy 1: At any given moment I could tell you exactly how far along I was
Pregnancy 2: I have a hard time even remembering my due date

Pregnancy 1: I was determined to eat healthy and avoided junk food as much as possible
Pregnancy 2: I feel so justified in eating a sugar cookie with frosting on it anytime I can get one

Pregnancy 1: I napped pretty much daily
Pregnancy 2: I am chasing a toddler and when she naps-I am a whirlwind getting things done

Pregnancy 1: I read everything I could get my hands on about being pregnant
Pregnancy 2: I have to remind myself of the resources that are out there when I have weird symptoms

Pregnancy 1: My back didn't hurt
Pregnancy 2: I am toting a baby in utero and a toddler in arms-my back hurts

Pregnancy 1: I had every little thing ready and constantly made lists of things we still needed
Pregnancy 2: I figure whatever we don't get between hand-me-downs and gifts, Marc can go buy before the baby is too old

Pregnancy 1: I nested by cleaning everything like the floor boards and blinds and so on
Pregnancy 2: I nested by getting my house complete like buying new couches and shelves (Marc felt the first nesting approach was much cheaper for him)

Pregnancy 1: My baby stayed in one basic area of my belly and moved around just enough for me to know she was there
Pregnancy 2: My baby is kicking me in places I didn't even think he should be able to reach

Pregnancy 1: I dreamed of dressing up my little girl in the cutest of clothes
Pregnancy 2: I can't wait to buy him a suit

Pregnancy 1: I cried with happiness at the responsibility and honor it would be to raise a daughter and teach her all about her divine potential as a woman
Pregnancy 2: I tear up with gratitude when I think about how blessed my son will be to learn how to be a true gentleman through the example of his father

Pregnancy 1: I felt overwhelmed, excited, confused, blessed, scared, humbled, and grateful
Pregnancy 2: I feel overwhelmed, excited, confused, blessed, scared, humbled, and grateful

Pregnancy 1: Was a treasure
Pregnancy 2: I treasure with all my heart.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Baby is Doing

Fast forward to about a minute into this video and I am quite certain it is what the baby is doing in my belly . . .

The 4-1-1 on The Goose

Age: 15 months
Hair color: ???
Eyes: Green
Height: 30 in. (24th percentile)
Weight: 22 lbs (46th percentile)
Teeth: At least 10 and the molars are coming in with a vengeance!
Crawling: Yes
Walking: Nope
Number of words she can say: 60
First sentence: "No, My Mom!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Weeks Down . . .

A little less than 15 weeks to go . . .
*When you ask Lucy, "Where's brother?" she knows to point somewhere on my body. She usually points at my belly (it's a pretty easy target), but sometimes she'll point at my leg or my chest. The first time Marc asked her where brother was, she pointed to his belly. ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday Morning

Marc was home on Sunday morning for a friend's baby blessing. I got so excited that he wasn't gone to meetings, I felt we needed to document the event ;). (BTW: Karissa, you asked for an "after" shot with the curlers, here it is):
I love moments when we are all together. I told Marc on Valentine's Day that even when I am upset with him, I still want to be near him. The time we have together is never enough. (Oh and I had on red shoes ;)

Help Please!

I need maternity pants that WORK! I don't want them to fall off and cause me to constantly pull them up. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Your Average Valentine's Day . . .

We woke up and had heart shaped pancakes . . .
These two really liked them . . .
We exchanged Valentine's . . .
Then Marc and I went and took a five hour class together so we could get our Concealed Weapons Permit . . .
And before you think too much, Marc did arrange babysitting and took me out for a lovely dinner a few nights before. A love day to never forget!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Lucy

Marc Loves Katie

Her smile warms me up inside
Her smile reveals the feelings I hide

Her eyes let me know she cares
Her eyes invite my thoughts to share

Her voice gives me comfort
Her voice ellicits effort.
The effort to forgive and forget
Rather than to push and regret.

Her touch brings the spark of piercing love
Her touch invites belonging undreamed of

Her words so soft and understanding
Her words encouraging but not demanding

Her laugh is bright and makes me smile
Her laugh always makes me feel worthwhile

Her love is what I most treasure
Her love and goodness beyond measure

Her Valentine wish I strive to be
Her Valentine for all eternity

Friday, February 13, 2009

I have a toy giraffe . . .

and I call him Moo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mommy and I have started going to this playgroup together for one hour on Friday mornings and we love it! We start out by playing with some really fun toys, then we play in a sandbox, then we color pictures (Mommy didn't realize I could do this, but I sure surprised her when I did), then we sing some songs (probably my most favorite part), then we have a snack and then we get to play in the motor room with all kinds of big toys. This is my teacher, Miss Debby and she makes the time so much fun.
Mommy couldn't get over seeing me sit in in my very own teeney-tiny chair at a very low table. I felt like such a big girl and Mommy was wondering where her baby had gone.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is my blankie that my Grandma Sampson made for me before I was even born and I LOVE it! I have two others she made for me, one is yellow and one is green. I call them my "bo" (pronounced with a soft o). When Mommy saw I started to like them so much she made sure to rotate them around which has worked out pretty well. But some days it back fires on her and I want all three or I am not satisfied. I like to take my bo everywhere I go and all around the house. The other night when I was in the bathtub, I asked for it. When Mommy said "no", I started to cry. I just love my bo so much!
*Note: Mommy has been making a new bo that is blue. Every time I see it, I try to let her know that I want that one too. She tells me that I can't have it because it is for someone she keeps calling my baby brother. I'm not sure I like the idea of somebody else having my bo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I've Decided . . .

My Grandpa isn't as scary as I thought he was.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We had a VERY fun time in Vegas. Below you can see us in my Uncle David's car. It was super fast and Daddy could not stop smiling as he drove it. We sure got stares from people seeing a carseat in the back of a Porsche!
I was spoiled by my cousins. Before I could even leave the room I slept in, they brought me all these toys to play with. Mommy said she never had it so easy with all of these little helpers all around.
We had a fun time dancing to the music in the living room. I learned about all kinds of new things like an idog and Dora the Explorer. Mommy said I looked so big playing with my cousins.
They also showed me how to use a trampoline. I liked it much better when my Daddy held me while they all jumped.
This is me in the back of the Porsche. I giggled every time Daddy would take off and every time we would stop I would say, "More".
Here is my newest cousin, Zachary. He is Uncle Cory and Aunt Holly's new baby. He was so cute.
His big brother Cameron and me we're able to get along pretty well for the most part. Mommy said I need to get used to boys-I'm still not sure what she means by that.
Me with all my girl cousins. I want to be just like them when I am a big girl.
All of Daddy's family that could make it for Zachary's blessings. It was a very special day and a wonderful time to be together as a family.
I slept most of the drive home while Mommy and Daddy laughed and took some much needed time to just sit and talk to one another. We can't wait for our next family trip.