Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New York City with The Best Friends

After I left Hailey, I met up with Rebecca and we were off to see Wicked! I love this girl so much.

Here we are in Times Square. She has been my best friend since the 7th grade. So thankful to have her in my life.

We loved Wicked. Pretty much the greatest play ever. I loved Alli Mauzey who played Glinda. She was a riot.

Here are Rebecca's beautiful girls: Lillian and Madeline. They were all bundled up and ready for school. I loved watching them do gymnastics all over their little New York apartment.

Daniel was all ready to walk to school too. This little guy melted my heart, he was so cute. Always climbing on my lap to read books and laughing at my jokes. Such a sweet heart.

This little piece of heaven came from The Little Pie Company. The flavor was sour cream apple and walnut and it was delicious. 

Rebecca and I went to Norma's for brunch. The food was amazing. She had Heuvos Rancheros and I had lobster mac & cheese-yum!

Standing in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Breathtaking. I felt like I was back in Italy.

Rockefeller Center. 

Grand Central Station. Such an amazing building. I got David some awesome toy trains from the train museum there. Grand Central Station holds so many great memories for me. My first time to NYC, I was with Rebecca and our friend Josh. We layed on the floor and looked at the constellations on the ceiling. Such kids!

Then we enjoyed the MoMA (it's free on Friday nights). I love modern art-well some of it.

I fell in love with the Jasper Johns paintings.

Kathryn flew in from Portland that night. We felt giddy being together again. She brought Voo-doo doughnuts from Portland and we dined on those by candlelight as we attempted to catch up on one another’s lives.  The beauty was that we wanted to know it all and yet didn’t have to know a thing to still feel right at home with one another. We stayed up until 3 am!

The next day Kathryn and I headed out to get Rush tickets for Once (the hit show on Broadway right now). We stood in line for an hour, nearly got frostbite on our toes (I’m not kidding) and in the end-we got tickets! Then Kathryn wanted a bagel with lox so I pretended like I knew what I was doing and we huffed it over to Brooklyn Bagel and enjoyed the most delicious everything bagel with lox.
Then we met up with Rebecca again and hit Chelsea Market where they were having a sample sale. I got Marc a great shirt and hat and myself an infinity scarf. Then I found this darling little stuffed animal owl with a music box for Vivian. It is precious.

Next we walked The High Line-an abandoned railroad track that has been converted into this lovely walkway with benches, green space and stadium seating to watch the traffic. It was a great way to see the city. Even more, I enjoyed the time to just stroll along as I caught up with dear friends.

Walking The High Line

It was a great way to see the city!

After our walk, Rebecca took us to The Doughnut Plant (that Kathryn and I kept calling Plant Doughnut). We had the most amazing doughnuts. Flavors included: crème brule, PB & J, pistachio, hazelnut and tres leches. Wow!

Then we went home to freshen up a bit before our big night. Matt & Rebecca were so excited to take us to Polly G’s for apparently the best pizza ever, but there was an accident on the bridge and we were not going to have enough time to eat there and make it to our show on time. It was a bummer, but we got over it.

The play Once was incredibly artistic. The music was amazing-I need to get the soundtrack. The storyline was intriguing, realistic and symbolic of so many situations in life. The lead lady was incredible. The frequent use of the f-word made it difficult for me to fully embrace the show, but each time they sang, I was in awe.

Childhood friends now Moms, not even sure what to do with all of our free time!
Sunday was my last day and we talked about seeing The Met before church, but in the end we just wanted to hang out with one another. I made us waffles that we enjoyed with Rebecca’s sweet babies. Then Kathryn and I took a stroll in Central Park where we saw a half-marathon going on. The pond we walked by was beautiful with the skyline as a backdrop.
Until next time . . .

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New York City with Hailey

Marc is so good to me. He arranged for me to go to New York City to see some dear friends I grew up with in Portland. I was able to sneak in some precious time with Hailey as well since she is currently attending F.I.T. in the heart of the city. Above we are FREEZING (but very happy) in Times Square. 

We saw Newsies together. I had to capture a picture of this fashion lady. I love her style. She truly is a beautiful woman inside and out.

Waiting for the show, spending quality time catching up. Hailey really enjoyed the drawing from Lucy of the two of them together wearing headphones and listening to "pretty princess music."

After the show, we met some of the actors. Hailey got them to sign her soundtrack. She was good to humor me with a picture.

In the heart of NYC. We just giggled and chatted with one another. I really love this girl.

The next morning we met for breakfast with her darling roommate, Rachel. They suggested Brooklyn Bagels and it was amazing! I had no idea bagels could be so scrumptious. I loved sitting with these ladies, hearing about their school and about Rachel's dream of having a race incorporated into her wedding day. They were also so appreciative of the fact that I bought them breakfast. Such college girls! I loved it!

I took Hailey shopping to help re-stock her kitchen. She asked about how to make chicken soup, if she could freeze spinach, how to make peach oatmeal and I loved sharing with her my tricks.

Her we are in front of Hailey's school. She also took me to a great place to get cheap fabric from. She helped me pick out fabric for Vivian & Lucy's Easter dresses.

Here we are hauling Hailey's groceries back to her dorm. I was trying to get the full New Yorker experience.

Hailey showed me her dorm. It's a pretty sweet set up. I showed her how to make burritos and freeze them. I made her several and filled her freezer with them.  I treasured the opportunity to care for her.

I told her she had to take me to Mood because her Dad and I LOVE to watch Project Runway. It was so cool to have her there to tell me all about the different fabrics. She is so talented.

We had a lovely lunch at Kittchai. The Thai food was incredible. It was wonderful to have some quiet time to talk. The conversation was so good. We were able to talk about much needed things regarding our family and I was able to try to share with her how grateful I am to know her. The spirit was so strong. Then Hailey had to catch a bus because she was leaving town for the weekend. We hugged as we parted with such a strong feeling of joy between us. I am so thankful for her.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dad was trying to help . . .

Sometimes your big sister has really pretty gloves on and your Dad doesn't want you to feel left out . . .
So he grabs a ski glove for you and you are none the wiser!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Lovely banner made by Aunt Kristi for Christmas. THANKS!
We love you!

The little lady . . .

Oh, sweet Vivian, do you have any clue how happy you make my heart? I love that you are such a girl. I love that you love to have your hair brushed, have your nails painted and you have to have your purse on your arm at all times. You will not let me put you down in the morning without your shoes on (and you will only wear the perfect ones that must be chosen by you). I love seeing you in piggy tales. I love that you copy everything David and Lucy do. I love that when you walk it is to a "thump, step" rhythm. I love that you want to bust right out of your high chair the moment you see Daddy come home from work. I love that you always want to play in the snow. I love when you say, "Hereyago"and hand me things so that I can play with you. I love when you bring me a book and say, "Read. Peeease. Mom." I love that you think you can get whatever you want as long as you say, "Peeease." (because you usually do). I love you so so much! You bring me so much joy. 

Wish Lanterns

We released some wish lanterns on New Year's Eve. I pictured it being so magical and the kids loving it so much. What occurred was a REALLY cold night where two of our three children stayed in the car while the rest of us tried to be brave and enjoy the moment . . .

Our friend, Danielle, joined us with her daughter. You hold on to the lanterns while they fill with hot air and then you can release them into the air. It's a pretty cool thing.

These girls loved the glow-in-the-dark necklaces more than I think they did the lanterns.

There they are being released!

We made wishes with each one.

I found myself mezmermized as I watched them float through the air getting smaller and smaller.  I found myself trying hard to pick the perfect wish for my lantern. I guess in the end, there really was some magic.  Happy 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

All ready for a great new year! Martinelli's, wish lanterns, Chinese purses and red wallet to serve as red envelopes for money (a tradition I picked up while living in Asia), poppers, New Year hats, nose makers and a time capsule we made New Years 2012.

Lucy was trying to help Vivian blow her nosemaker . . .

But she just couldn't figure it out and she was so sad!

These two had it down though.

Opening their purses/wallets. Lucy was excited to learn she got FIVE dollars!

Vivian got one dollar and I don't think she had a clue what that meant, but she did like her purse.

Opening the time capsule from New Years 2012

The contents of the capsule. We also had a memory card with videos saved on it we had done interviewing everyone in the family. Vivian's video was my favorite-she was just 7 months old! So darling!

Reading everyone's responses to our questions.

Happy 2013!

The silly shot. I love that Lucy is copying me.

Happy Family! Happy New Year!