Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines for Mom & Dad

Marc and I decided we wanted to go skiing together for our Valentines so we got a sitter and headed to Soldier Hollow for the morning.

We could not have asked for better weather. It was incredible.

We had been scoping out this big hill all day and getting ready to take it on by practicing with other hills. I was really nervous about it. But we committed to do it and we did!  It was incredible! I was so proud of us. It was so fun to take this leap of faith with him by my side. We took this picture right after our big accomplishment.

Do you see my true love in my eyes?

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Vivian looks so darling with her hair in piggies, but where are on earth did my baby go?

I am constantly looking at this sweet baby, smiling and thinking in my head, "She is so darn cute!" I love her to pieces. So thankful she's my baby.

Valentine's 2013

Valentine's Day this year turned into a week of celebrating. Two days before Valentine's Day Grandma Sampson came over and decorated heart shaped cookies with the kids (this is such a tradition from my childhood). The day before Valentine's we had our cousins, over for a cousin party.

Here are the Valentine boxes. David had Thomas, Vivian had Percy and Lucy made a cat. David still plays with his. He loves it!
The Valentine's the kids gave out: Lucy did the fish (she wrote "from Lucy" on 27 of them between her preschool class, neighborhood friends and cousins!), Vivian had the traditional Valentines and David did the car ones.

At  the cousin party, we played ring around the rosies, red light/green light (I cut the "lights" in heart shapes for them to hold up), pin the heart on David and then we passed around grab bags while we sang and whoever was holding the bag when the music stopped got to open it. We kept going until each kid got to open a bag. Then we ate yummy cookies from Grandma Kay and Aunt Becky while they passed out their Valentine's to one another. Good times.

My card to Marc (I calculated form our first date, which I would venture to say is pretty much right on)
My card from Marc. LOVE

The kids loved these little monkeys. It made their morning when they woke up to find these.

David wore his monkey all morning!

Lucy's hair for her preschool party. David had a preschool party too, but I forgot to take pictures. He made a Valentine box, read Valentine books and decorated a cookie there. When Marc asked him what he did, he said, "We ran around." Which was also true ;)

Marc came home with flowers for all of his ladies and balloons for all the kids. Such a good Daddy.

We ended the night with heart shaped pizza and . . .
the most delicious dessert from Harmons. Mmmmmm

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Boy

LOVES his trains (and Thomas and Gordon and Percy and Toby and . . .) He plays contently with them for long periods at a time.

Until his little sister walks and then he is VERY anxious about her ruining it all. We're working on it ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crazy Hair Day

Lucy had crazy hair day at her preschool. I found a bunch of fun hair styles online and let her pick which one she wanted. She was very specific that she wanted: cupcakes with pink "frosting" and red cherry warm fuzzies on top.  Above is the end result. 

I love my little cupcake.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playing around with photobooth

Budding Artists

Lucy's drawing of her and her big sister, Hailey "With head phones on listening to pretty princess music." I didn't even know she knew what head phones were.
Vivian LOVES to color. Setting her in her in her highchair with crayons, paints or markers (her preferred medium) brings her instant joy. This also results in her coloring all over herself as well. This may have bothered me with my first, but she is my third and I think it is wonderful that she can explore her world this way. So darling.

I found these wooden trains at The Train Museum at Grand Central Station and I thought it would be fun to let the kids each paint their own. They thought I was the coolest Mom ever.  

Lucy & Davids' finished trains. They turned out so cool.

Lucy painted this one day and then told me, "The red dot is Provo."   I love my little artists

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sundance Film Festival

Marc and I headed up to The Sundance Film Festival a few weeks ago. We saw Pandora's Promise, a documentary about nuclear energy and how clean, reusable and safe it really is. 80% of France's engergy is produced by nuclear power, and it is viewed a very good source of power throughout most of Europe. It was cool to see all of these (self-proclaimed) liberals look at the facts and try to tell the story of what many people in their party would disagree with. We were able to meet the director and three of the scientists from the documentary. I love going to the festival. Marc and I really want to volunteer at it next year. Such a cool thing to have in our own backyard.