Friday, June 29, 2012

Sterling Toto

We got a new puppy and he is really, really cute! He is a Shih tzu and Brussels Griffon mix. He is quite mellow (for a puppy), he likes to nibble our toes and he makes us all really happy.

He is teeny-tiny

Vivian kind of has a love-hate relationship with him. She constantly wants to be around him, but gets very hesitant when he gets a little too nibbly on her toes and fingers. She constantly says, "Puppy". Whenever someone comes to our home, she points and says, "Pupy." It is a very important part of her life right now. She cracks me up.

Lucy has been so responsible at caring for him! She feeds him, takes him out to go potty and just loves him constantly. It is so sweet to watch her with him. She is such a nurturer.

David is such a boy with him. He drinks out of his water bowl, chases him, pulls his hair and throws balls with him. For he most part, the puppy seems to like it.
We knew we would need to get a puppy that would just have to accept the fact that he would be loved and played with constantly. He has been a very good sport so far. He makes me smile.

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