Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Marc and I went hiking in a canyon near our home. It was lovely until all of a sudden I saw TWO snakes. I grabbed Marc's arm and said, "Snake, snake!" Marc was trying to figure out what it was and then came down by me. Someone else was coming up the trail and he didn't seemed to be phased by the snakes, so we decided to walk a few feet behind him. No more snakes came out with him, but they totally came out again when we walked by. We were quite certain they were not venomous so I was trying to be brave and keep hiking. Then I saw one dangling in the tree!!! I ran! I looked back to see Marc still trying to figure out what kind it was. I yelled, "Marc, if you don't get down here (pause) I'm going to have a problem!" It was very eloquent. He came down and we hiked somewhere else. I have had multiple nightmares about snakes since the event including one where I reached over in the bed and grabbed Marc's chest in an attempt to get a snake off of him.

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