Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hiking in Sundance

The day after the 4th, we headed u to Sundance with my brother's family to do a little hiking.

We rode the ski lift up which started out very scary with Lucy not getting in right, she was dangling from the seat, I screamed, they stopped the lift, and the man grabbed her and put her safely next to us. Aghhhh! The thought stills makes my heart race. Fortunately she is fine and the rest of the trip was not so exciting.

We got off at the top and hiked over to Stewart Falls.

The whole crew at the top.

I love this hike. It is gorgeous the whole time.

After not too many tears, we made it to the waterfall!

The kids always love to play in the water. David loves it the most1

Lucy had so much fun with her cousin.

Stewart Falls 2013

The descent. Thankfully Sarianna and Raelynn were so good to help  Lucy get down because she was so tired and grumpy and Marc and I already had a kid each we were carrying down.

But we did make it down and enjoyed a nice shower and relaxing time back at our home. We love adventures.

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