Monday, August 26, 2013

Girl's Camp

It was my absolute pleasure to go to Girl's Camp this year as a leader. Above are the 4th year girls just getting back from their hike. They weathered a crazy storm, but came back all smiles.

Marc came up as a priesthood leader one day and I felt like I was a kid again hanging out with my boyfriend.

I labeled all of my stuff with hot pink duct tape so Marc made sure everyone knew he was mine!

The confidence course was a blast. I even did the trust fall-which made my heart race and my mouth go dry, but it was amazing!

Such a great group of girls. No drama! I loved it!

My man helping out.

The skit was hilarious. They did a spoof on The Bachelor with Juan Pablo. I laughed so hard I cried.

The food was incredible! Sister King was everyones favorite chef.

I loved the hike we did. Camp Mia Shalom is in a very gorgeous area.

This Laurel is awesome. she is so fun, athletic, outdoorsy and the kindest person to everyone. I loved getting to know her better.

The leaders. I felt like I was just constantly trying to absorb their wisdom.

After the hike we had pedicures.

and manicures

Our ward's Young Women's Presidency: Jenni, Katie, Emily & Michelle

Cabin life. Playing a little "Would you rather . . ."

I love these ladies.

I had a blast with the Laurels late one night playing and running all around with the glow sticks. I really channeled my inner girl that week and I loved it. What a blessing it is to be a girl and for girl's camp to allow us that opportunity.

Little canoeing with The cute Beehives.

I was very brave

Serving by writing letters to missionaries (I love Sister King)

The whole gang. What a great group of women!

Gorgeous sunset on the last night we were there. I love girl's camp!

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girlsmama said...

Nothing is better than girl's camp! Just wait until you get to go with your daughter. :)

You are an amazing lady with an amazing family.