Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Five Months Ago I Had No Idea the Following Would Bring Me Such Joy . . .

1. Your sweet face wearing rhinestone pink sunglasses.
2. Your tiny little toots.
3. Hearing the relief that comes after you burp from patting your back for what seems like forever.
4. Buying you a teeny tiny swimming suit.
5. Seeing your eyes connect with Daddy's.
6. Watching you finally give up the fight and fall asleep.
7. Hearing you lift your legs and drop them as you play in your crib.
8. To see the look of pure satisfaction on your face as you reach and grab something.
9. Observing you follow along as I read you a story.
10. To know that you know who I am. Oh how I love it when you smile at me and shake your little arms and legs-and all I have to do is walk in the room.

Happy 5 Months Lucy Girl!

1 comment:

Ani said...

She is getting so big! You are the best mama, I can just tell from the way you talk about her!