Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tagged . . . The Abridged Version

I got tagged by my friend Danica, but it is way long so I am going to just hit on the highlights:
If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go? Tennessee
Where would you retire? Scipio
Most memorable birthday? Cruising in the South Caribbean for the big 30
What is your favorite flower? Daisies-the simple white ones that come in a bunch
When was the last time you cried? Pick a day (life is good, just wear my emotions on my sleeve)
What did you do last night? Had Family Night with Marc's family-always a treat
What are you afraid of? A wild animal coming down from the mountains (I really need to get over it)
3 bad habits? 1) Brushing the crumbs on the floor 2) Gossiping 3) Smart Cookies
If I were a billionaire I would? Create a scholarship for middle-class white students
A few things your friends might not know about you? I was captain of my Track & Field team in high school and I don't like rootbeer floats
I tag? Marc, Jayna and Jen


Unknown said...

You introduced me to smart cookie, and gave me a dollar for one. I thank you!

ls said...

Why Tennessee? I mean nothing against it, but anywhere in the world and you choose Tennessee? Is there something awesome that I'm missing? And I brush crumbs on the floor, too. :)

Thanks for the link to that comment about my dad. I'll have to pass it along to him.

Danica Osborn said...

i know it was obscenely long. thanks! and i don't like rb floats either. like them seperately just not together

Katie said...

I have always wanted to go to Tennessee since I was a kid and did my 5th grade map. I thought it was a cool looking state. I can get people to go all over the world with me, but no one wants to be my Tennessee partner. So I have a pug named Memphis. I'll make Marc take me someday.

Unknown said...

No problem. I did that on purpose for all the links I did, but I guess when I did yours I was thinking how I better not write Sampson and that feels so I wasn't really paying attention. Thanks for pointing it out to me.