Sunday, April 13, 2008

Five Months

Dear Lucy-

We've had quite a month, haven't we? Since you have come into our family, every month has been quite a month. I finally got my brace off, and can now feed you a bottle and change your diaper. Mom is thrilled, and so am I. I've missed being involved as much as I would like. We also took our first airplane trip together-to Boston. While there you attended an important conference, met a TV star, and negotiated the subway. You travel well. Maybe we should go to Peru next summer.

Here are ten things I've learned/observed this past month:

  1. You are photogenic, like your Mom. See above for an example.
  2. You are a "conversationalist," like your sisters. You have discovered your voice and you use it often to tell us your thoughts about who-knows-what.
  3. You can see things that are across the room. This is most obvious when the thing that is far away is Mommy.
  4. When people are around, it's hard for you to fall asleep; not because they are loud, but because you want to watch them.
  5. There are definitely things you love: Mommy, Daddy, books, the ABC song, swing, bottles, and being outside, to name a few.
  6. Whenever I change your diaper, you grab my left hand with both of yours, then hug it close to your chest and smile at me. I melt every time.
  7. You are fascinated by Your Heidi. Isn't everybody?
  8. Sometimes I lie awake at night and listen to you coo while you're sleeping. It makes me smile. I think you are dreaming about milk.
  9. When we go walking in the Baby Bjorn, you like to hold my hands. It makes me feel important, and lets me know that you're okay.
  10. Mommy shows unconditional love towards you, even in the middle of the night, when she is so tired (and you should be, too).

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heidiabe said...

The feeling is mutual. I am fascinated by Lucy. I like her much better than Memphis.