Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reason # 483 Why My Daddy is Amazing . . .

There was a contest on Craigslist for free piano lessons. My Daddy wrote the following poem and he was selected as one of only two winners! Daddy, we think you're amazing!

While browsing Craig's list with my wife one night,
I came upon quite the sight:
Oprah's "Big Give" gave this pianist some charity,
which in this day and age is quite a rarity.
When I was a young child interested in toys,
The sound of Mother's keyboard provided background noise.
She would play ragtime, and sometimes play some Chopin,
I could even hear her play outside when the door was open.
As I watched her tickle the keys and rattle the strings
I knew I wanted to learn how to make musical things.
Since she also led the music at church time
I realized playing and leading were related sublime.
So I asked her if I could lead one night
She played a melody so sweet and light, fast and slow.
How the notes came from my hand, I didn't know.
I finally asked how could be such a musician
When I didn't know even basic hand position.
She smiled and told me how leading guides,
And if I wanted to play, it would take some practice time.
Now I'm 40, and I am ready to learn, to give it a whirl,
So I can make sounds of ragtime and Chopin for my little girl.


Jackie said...

That's great! WAY TO GO! You'll have to post a video of you you playing!

mindy said...

that's a great poem! Congrats on the lessons! I'd love to take lessons again someday.

heidiabe said...

Hidden talents...who knew.

JMadd said...

Multi-talented. Not only can Mark write poetry, but soon he'll be able to play the piano, too. You totally lucked out, Katie!