Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Marc's work had an Easter Egg Hunt and it was awesome! This little lady, however, did not want to wait for it to start!

Once it was time she was off to get her eggs. She of course opened each one and wanted to eat the candy right away. She was also very sweet to put eggs in other little baby's baskets who didn't quite get what to do just yet.

I know this picture is blurry, but it accurately depicts the hunt for David. That boy was off and getting as many eggs as he possibly could! At the end, one little boy didn't get any eggs and I asked David if he would share with him. David promptly gave him FOUR eggs! That boy has such a good heart!

Lucy was great at it too. She figured out pretty quick to go to the area where there were not any kids and she got her eggs fast!

Each kid got to pick a stuffed animal because they found an egg with a star on it. In addition to the candy in their eggs, they also got to exchange their plastic eggs for fun prizes like whistles, pencils, bracelets and more candy!

The whole event took place at the backdrop of the castle and everyone was served frosted sugar cookies. It was so great. I hope they do it every year!

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