Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Sunday

The kids were so excited to wake up and find their baskets! The night before, Lucy asked me, "Mom, are you the one who hides our baskets?" I was surprised she was already old enough to be asking me this, but to be honest I'm not really good at the whole faking to your kids about any of this stuff so I just looked at her and said, "Yes." She just smiled and said, "I knew it!"

Vivian loved the idea of finding eggs all around our home. Such a cutie!

We learned that David loves jelly beans! Even the black ones! This kid was in heaven.

Marc found his basket after looking in the bench in our laundry room. He got UNO because he has been having a great time playing games with Lucy lately. They really bond over this-it is fun to watch them. 

And Marc got me . . . black tights. He makes me laugh.

We had lots of family and friends over for dinner so I was thrilled to use the same china I had seen my grandmother and mother use for special events throughout my life at my my own home for the first time!

My cute little ladies in their Easter dresses made by their Grandma Sampson (notice the matching purses and gloves).

My cute little bunnies all ready for church.

David age 4 1/2

Vivian age 2 1/2

Lucy age 6 (and missing a top tooth)

After dinner we talked about Jesus using my resurrection eggs. They loved it. It was fun to see them so intrigued. Then we had our own little Easter Egg Hunt with the kids: Lucy, David, Vivian, Brigham, Jane, Claire, Madeline, Lillian and Daniel. What a blast! The kids loved finding the eggs and the Dads loved seeing if the kids could find where they put all the eggs.

Again, David was off to find his eggs!

There is our little Vivian with her golden egg! Such a blessed Easter day!

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