Saturday, September 21, 2013

David starts preschool!

After seeing his big sister start Kindergarten, David was more than ready for his turn to go to school too. And isn't he so handsome and so big!

Lucy was so excited for him. She walked hm to his class, made sure he had his name tag and showed him all around (her Kindergarten class is very similar).

Love these two and their backpacks!

My handsome Jack!

The house was filled with a magical feeling that morning and everyone was so excited for David.

On our way to make this happen. Such a great Daddy!

He loved it and spent most of the time checking out the fish. He thinks his teacher is super cool and loves to play with Lucy on recess.

And this little sass thought that her backpack should have let her in to play at preschool too. She was quite disappointed to learn she wouldn't be allowed to stay. Soon enough my sweet babe.

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