Friday, December 6, 2013


I turned 37 and because I am married to a wonderful man and have such dear friends, I was completely spoiled. My Mom brought me a present a few days before my birthday. For my birthday, The kids made me darling cards and then Heidi took me out for breakfast then our friend watched the kids so Marc and I could go to The Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU (amazing) and he treated me to lunch at a food truck where we had some scrumptious Gyros. Then we picked up the kids and had only the best cake ever known to man, Kitty Katrina from The Chocolate. After that, I went shopping and found some delightful things at H&M. Then we got a sitter and Marc I went out to dinner and to The DI to find some treasures (which we did). The next day I met up with some friends for dinner and was completely shocked with a surprise party in my honor at Rebecca's home. It was a room full of all these ladies I love-it was perfect!

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