Friday, December 6, 2013

Hailey's Adventures in New Zealand

Hailey is doing an internship in Australia right now and she sent us some darling pictures. I wanted to put a few on the blog and share some of her email to us: Hey guys!

I just wanted to shoot you a major thank you. I was able to use some of the money you gave me to fund a spontaneous trip to New Zealand with my 2 best friends here. Claudia and I flew out on a red eye-flight to meet up with Alex and his sister who lives in Dunedin.

We rented a van for the week and drove around, slept in the mountains, and stayed at a hostel (with a shower!) in Queenstown.

We stopped for a night of camping at Lake Tekapo, which was breath-taking. It was chilly but good.

We took a gondola all the way up the mountain and then went luging down it.

Then we headed to Milford Sound (Lord of the Rings was filmed there) (it's considered the 8th wonder of the world)

We went on a 5-hour kayak trip and learned how to sail kayaks. I had no idea it was possible. You can connect all the kayaks and then have people hold onto a sail and it just pulls you back to shore, it was quite relaxing as I didn't have to hold onto the sail hahaha.

It was just amazing to see how beautiful the world is, the water is literally turquoise. So much so that it's impossible to photograph. I wouldn't mind living in Queenstown, it reminds me a bit of like Park City UT. It's the adventure capital of the world. The only regret I have is not going bungee jumping. The Nevis Bungee Jump is the worlds highest... no worries, I feel I'll find my way back sometime.

Also, during my week there, I realized I'm not quite ready to leave Australia. I'm hoping to extend my stay for another semester. I'll hopefully find an apartment with Claudia and work here for the summer. I've already started applying for jobs and have 3 interviews this week. It's a bit sudden, but I want to have things in place if FIT says I can stay.

Traveling is great, I fear I've unlocked a new hobby that isn't going to stop anytime soon.

Enjoy the photos, hope you guys are doing well!

PS: forgot, we (Alex) also got pulled over for speeding, but rest assured we didn't get a ticket because we pinky-promised the cop we wouldn't speed anymore. #winning

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