Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lucy's Dance Recital

Lucy had her dance recital on Saturday and it was darling. I hope that if she chooses to continue with dance it will be because of how much joy she gets from it.

I am always finding her dancing. There have been many a time that I have had something knocked right out of my hands because I walked by just in time for a cartwheel or leap and I love it (it totally reminds me of growing up with Rebecca, my best friend and amazing dancer). 

My little baby is turning into quite the lady.

I could watch her dance all day. She is so lovely.

For her first dance, she was a sugarplum fairy. Seeing little girls dressed up in their dance costumes is just about as cute as it comes!

Pictures like this take my breath away.

She danced with two of our neighbor girls. Such cute girls.

Vivian and David were great audience members.

Her second dance was to Rudolph. Doesn't that smile say it all? This girl loves to dance.

I love her so much. She brings me so much joy.

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