Saturday, December 28, 2013

Haul out the holly . . .

When we went to get a tree this year, Lucy was in love with the white flocked ones. Being an Oregon girl myself, I was thinking we had to get green one. Then I looked this beautiful ponderosa pine with her branches pointing heavenward as she seemed to be saying, "Rejoice!" and I was sold.

I love that we have a mantle!!! The nativity set was given to me by my Grandma.

I helped my Grandma pack as she would be down-sizing soon. She gave me every ornament you see on this tree. It was so dreamy to sit by the fire and stare at this tree.

We put up our more traditional tree in the family room. Te kids all said this one was their favorite one. I do love all the memories each ornament holds.

Especially our Jonah whale and our 1960's angel . . .

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