Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trek 2014

Marc and I had the amazing opportunity to be Ma and Pa again for our ward's Youth Trek to Martin's Cove in Wyoming where we were able to walk some the trails our pioneer ancestors walked as they walked to Zion (Utah).

Our family color was yellow and our name was "The Noble Steeds" Here is Grant working on our family flag.

Turned out pretty cool

We used duct tape to identify our stuff. I found this cool yellow Mac n' Cheese duct tape so we were also known as The Mac n' Steeds. Here our daughters, Nicki and Kaylie are leaving our mark all around camp.

Our darling daughter, Cassidy. We had some tiny daughters, but they were little work horses. I loved them.

Ashley made us on our own personal flags.

Ma with her daughters: Julie, Cassidy, Nikki and Kaylie

Pa with his sons: Marcus, Grant, Jantzen and Joel

A gorgeous sunset one night.

The Noble Steeds

Heading out our first day.

Our kids were great to help with the wagon.

Marc always says we can't go anywhere without me knowing someone. Sure enough, in the middle of nowhere . . .  I run into an old friend I used to teach with-Heather Torgerson! It was so great to see her.

The landscape was really quite breathtaking at times.

Our first of about 6 river crossings

Ma and Pa Steed

Jacob, Kevin and Jared Call-such a great family.

Abby and Ashley King-such good girls

Seattle with her sister-she is such a good example.

Just hanging out with my love

The LaFontaines I admire this family a lot

The Simmonds Family-such awesome people

Our little trek family

I love the baby in this statue

Our youth get along so well. It was so fun to see them interact with one another.

As we were heading to Martin's Cove it began to rain really hard so we took shelter in that group of trees. The weather was actually wonderful. The rain and overcast kept us from getting overheated-when we went two years ago, we were dying from the heat!

Heading to the actual Martin's Cove

We walked single file and did not speak-you could feel the reverence for that place.

I love these girls! Serving in Young Womens is the best calling ever! Kaylie, Ally, Kiira, Audrey, Ashley and Rachel

Square dancing-

It felt nice to put on clean clothes. We were covered in bug spray, dirt and smoke constantly.

This day we were led by a missionary on a horse. That was pretty cool.

My favorite story we heard was about Willie's Cove. Here they were very down and out and 13 people were buried there. They thought they may just all die. Then they saw 4 men on horses come from over the mountains. The men arrived and said Brigham Young had sent them. They said although they did not have food or blankets for them, they did have hope. They informed them that wagons were coming soon with relief. The missionary who told us this story then said, "Often God cannot always give you exactly what you may want physically, but he can send those who will bring you hope."

It rained most of the time we were walking this day too. But everyone was such a trooper.

Lunch with some of our cute daughters

Forging another river-The Bishop challenged the men to carry the women over.

Me with my cute Nikki

The last river, they let the youth play. There was a lot of dunking going on.

We had a great time and left directly from there to Little America where we paid $10 to take the best shower EVER so we could be presentable for my Grandma Sampson's 90th Birthday Party in Tooele which we then went straight to! Such a blessed life.

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