Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 Months Ago I Did Not Know . . .

1) I would come running from another room to hear a news story about baby swim diapers.
2) How much a baby could physically move around without rolling over, crawling or walking.
3) I would give in so easily to my baby's tears (my background is in behaviorism and I taught special ed for years-I know how to put my foot down, BUT Lucy knows how to get me to give right in).
4) I would find great joy in talking about a new diaper bag.
5) An entire date night with Marc and me would revolve around conversations about our baby.
6) How much I would love hearing people refer to me as, "Lucy's Mom".
7) I could memorize so many songs, children's books and nursery rhymes.
8) How exciting it would be to watch my baby play with a toy.
9) How fun it would be to listen to my baby make all kinds of crazy sounds.
10) I would not be able to get my daughter off my mind-Lucy completely owns a LARGE piece of my heart!

Happy 6 Months My Little Peanut!

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