Saturday, May 3, 2008

Feet, What a Great Thing!

My new favorite thing to do is to grab my little piggies. Sometimes I hold them and quickly release them (this is especially fun in the tub when it creates a splash on my Mommy and Daddy as they bathe me), sometimes I like to grab them and stick them in my mouth and sometimes I just like to grab them and sing a little song to them. My feet make me so happy!


Unknown said...

I love it love it when babies play with their feet! So cute!

Kevin & Jennifer Sampson said...

This is a cute picture. How fun that she's discovered her feet!

ls said...

Feet are a most exciting body part in our house, too. Georgie is seriously a little monkey-- he uses his feet to grab things, and if he is laying on his back playing with a toy he will hold the toy with his feet so he can manipulate it with his hands. It is all very fun; I've been meaning to do a post about it. Maybe one of these days.

Good job in finding those entertaining feet Lucy! I love that picture of her.