Thursday, March 19, 2009

Next Project Please

I'm guessing it's the pregnancy, but I cannot stop creating things! Anyway, here is the latest project: It's a car seat cover that is super easy to make. I've seen these advertised for $30-$40 and decided I could make my own.

It's basically a 1 yard blanket that you can make however you want and then you add velcro straps or ribbons to attach it to the handle:
If you make the blanket a yard then it will completely cover the car seat (front, back and sides) . . .
The straps will keep it in place so you won't have to worry about your blanket falling off. I just covered the velcro with fabric and then sewed the handles right on to the cover. EASY!
If you want to make one and have questions-let me know.
You just need:
2 yards of fabric (for the front and the back)
Velcro or ribbon

If you want to get the supplies and have me make it for you, I'd be happy to. I mean-I am in a creating phase of life ;)


girlsmama said...

Way cute! Way to whip it out. I love it when I can make it for a 1/4 of the cost at the "boutiques."

Ani said...

that is really cute. looks easy and so functional too. i am going to file this away for #2.

Unknown said...

I will bring you all of my unfinished craft projects while you are in your "nesting" stage. : >

Christine said...

Ooooo! Good idea!