Friday, April 3, 2009

Time for a lighter post

In other news in our life: We had some fun with The Ladies and threw Marc's sister, Becky, a shower while the men went shooting. She is expecting a little boy too about 2 months after us.
Here is most of the clan altogether to celebrate Grandma Kay's birthday . . .

The fun side of the family (Lucy even got into it by taking Grandma's glasses off for the shot) . . .
I received an award: "The Hilda B. Jones Special Educator of the Year Award" It was nice to be recognized and supported.I really wanted Lucy to have an Easter bonnet, but didn't think she would keep it on. Then at the store, she saw this one and fell in love with it! She kept looking at herself and putting up one hand and rocking her head. When she sees it, she says hat and wants to wear it! Yeah!
While in NY we got to watch Hailey's lacrosse practice. She was great. Afterward we had a great visit with her and heard all about a trip she hopes to take to Europe and her new class ring (amongst other things).
I am married to the most wonderful man on earth. I get pretty sick flying when I'm pregnant so he had to pretty much handle Lucy on his own. He was so patient and loving with her. Singing her the same song over and over again while he balanced her blankets, drinks, books and bunny rabbit. While he suffered through-I kept breaking into laughter. It was such a sweet sight.

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Christine said...

Cute Easter bonnet and cute preggo belly!