Thursday, April 16, 2009

You know . . .

how you always hear women tell their horror stories of pregnancy and birthing. Then they always follow up it up with, "But it sure is worth it".

As I sit in the midst of uncomfortable pregnancy land with the sleepless nights, big belly, swelling, shortness of breath, (you can fill in the rest) . . . and I think about that statement, "But it sure is worth it". There are times I doubt. Then I take one look at my little girl and all I can do is agree 100%. I would take all of this and then some for another little miracle like her in my life.

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Danica Osborn said...

I know exactly what you mean!!! One day you look at your little girl in big girl shoes, and long hair, and cruising around, and talking up a storm, and you can't help but go, "Aagh! Where'd my baby go?!" You're maintaining such a good attitude while you endure the last month or so of pregnancy. Hang in there. "It is so worth it!" ;)