Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Girl

Everyone kept saying how much older Lucy would seem once the new baby came. Boy were they right! She is so much older and I have no idea when it happened. Her latest accomplishment is that she said her first prayer and it was adorable. It went something like this (with her arms folded):

Mom: Heavenly Father
Lucy: Heavenly Father

Mom: Thanks for brother
Lucy: Thanks brother

Mom: Bless Hailey and Melia
Lucy: Bless Hailey Melia

Mom: Amen
Lucy: Name?

Mom: Oh, yeah name of Jesus
Lucy: name Jesus

Mom: Christ
Lucy: Christ

Mom: Amen
Lucy: Amen

It was so tender. My favorite part was that in my attempt to keep it simple for her and just say, "Amen", she reminded me of the importance of saying Jesus' name at the end.

Tonight she blessed our food at dinner. Oh what a piece of Heaven she is!


girlsmama said...

Those first prayers are always so wonderful!

Ani said...

Ahhhhhhh! David is soooooo cute! I want to hold him and kiss his cheeks! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and I love the name! Go Lucy girl!