Friday, June 5, 2009

The Day David Andrew Entered Our Family . . .

Dear David,

Dr. Nance had told us back in January that he would plan to deliver you via c-section on May 31st at 7:30am so there wasn't too much surprise that day. We had to be at the hospital by 5:30am so Heidi stayed with Lucy while she slept as Daddy and I left to meet our son.
We played some Dominoes to help pass the time. Daddy was so good to tell me stories and keep me calm. (notice the iphone on my "shelf")
Here we're just about to go into the delivery room. Daddy got to wear a special suit .
Your Grandpas and Grandmas waited in the room right next to the operating room. They were so excited to meet you. Grandpa Sampson was really excited to be getting a new fishing buddy.

They're just about to do the surgery. Mommy got an epidural with you and a spinal block with Lucy. She liked the spinal block much more.
Then you were born. I knew the moment they were bringing you out of me that you were being sent to us straight from the presence your Heavenly Father. The feelings of anticipation, joy and love filled the room.

The doctors said, "Whoa lots of hair." and "That's a big head." Then they asked me how much Lucy weighed when she was born. I replied, "7 pounds 11 ounces." To which the doctor said, "This kid weighs that much in his shoulders".

When the nurses showed you to me, I said, "Oh I love him". To which the nurse responded, "Look at his hands". You were a big boy! Then the nurse came back to me and said you received an Apgar score of 9 and 10 (out of 10). She said that was very rare to get such a high score and that you were very healthy.

We named you David after several good men in our family with that name. Your Grandpa, my brother and Your Great-Great Grandpa Hellewell being some of them. You share the same middle name as your Father. I wanted you to carry the name of the man I wanted you to most emulate in this life.
After you were born, they were having a hard time getting my heart rate under control and I felt awful. The nurse then brought you by my side and put your cheek next to mine. My heart rate instantly was fine. David, you already control my heart.
This moment of you on one side of me and Daddy on the other was one of the most heavenly and most soothing moments of my life.
Then I got to hold you for the first time. My love for you was instant.
Your sister Lucy joined in the fun. She was so excited to see her brother, David. She kept saying, "brother" and "David". It was so sweet. She likes to pat your back and say, "Pat, pat David".
Such a happy family and such an incredible blessing to have you as our son and brother. We love you always.



Christine said...

That's so precious and sweet. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

Ani said...

1. Awww. I love birth stories!
2. I was wondering why you looked so freaking good after giving birth..I forgot about the c-section.
3. Lucy all of a sudden looks so old! She is so cute!!
4. Mark looks skinny! Is he losing weight?
(Just want a girl wants to hear about her husband after SHE just gave birth! You look amazing too!)

mindy said...

Fabulous!! And congratulations again. David is a great name. :o)

Kelly said...

Your posts make me want another baby. How is this possible? I have a 4 month old.