Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Few Things I Have Learned . . ,

Take it or leave it ;)

1) Respect nap and bed times (you and your child will be so much more enjoyable to be around).
2) It's ok if your husband disciplines differently than you (I have learned this one, but I am still working on it).
3) Take the opportunities to be silly with your children (sing crazy songs, say funny things, use silly voices and dance like you know what you're doing).
4) If your child seems to be crying for no reason, there probably is a reason.
5) There is no such thing as "no spill" sippy cups.
6) Comparing your child to another child is pointless.
7) Taking 10 seconds (literally) to do something your child wants can make their day.
8) You will never get any age your child is back to enjoy again.


girlsmama said...

A great list Katie! I need to remember number 7. Sometimes it only takes 10 seconds and it's worth stopping what I'm doing.

Brittany and Jason said...

Thanks for the reminders, it's so easy to get caught up being busy and forget how precious these days are! I'm loving that handsome little guy.