Monday, August 10, 2009


An excerpt from my Relief Society lesson on Sunday regarding a conversation the Prophet Joseph Smith had with some men:

‘Now, boys,’ said he, ‘can you make a ditch three feet wide and two and a half feet deep along this line?’

“We said we would do our best, and he left us. We went to work, and when it was finished I went and told him it was done. He came and looked at it and said, "Boys, if I had done it myself it could not have been done better."

This lesson was on charity and there was something that really hit me about that last line. I want to use that line more frequently in my life. I am way too quick to think that my way is the one and only true way. I want to respect and allow for those around me to enjoy the freedom of doing things how they think is best. I especially want to do this with my family.

What greater compliment could we give someone? How better could we apply charity than by seeing the good in what others do instead of focusing on how they didn't do it the way we might have.

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