Monday, August 31, 2009

Grow Old with Me

You may have noticed the quote on the left by Paul Cardall.

Paul is waiting for a heart transplant and also recently lost his brother. In light of all of this, he told his wife,
“Go out and buy our rocking chairs. I don’t want to wait to grow old with you. I would love to sit with you on the porch today!” With this they went out that day and bought rocking chairs for their front porch.

I was really touched by this story and shared my thoughts with Marc. We decided that we didn't want to wait to grow old before we started enjoying certain things with one another as well. We shared what we felt was important for us to start doing NOW. And with that for our 3rd anniversary, we treated oursleves to a new porch and bench to grow old together on . . .

BEFORE (really more of an entry way)
Growing old is fun!


Lemme said...

looks great!! you guys are too cute!!!

Ani said...

So cute! Love your house!