Monday, October 26, 2009

BYU Homecoming 2009

We were True Blue this year and did our best to support as many Homecoming activities as we could. We started with my family cheering me on for the 5k race. Then The McKay School held a reunion for all the alumni that included dinner, games, door prizes and even a professional photographer (where were you guys?)!
The kids enjoyed getting their faces painted . . .
OK, we held David still long enough to get his painted, but Lucy LOVED it. She kept saying, "Y" and "BYU Cougars".
Then we were crazy enough to attempt watching the game as a family! Here we go!
Our seats were amazing. 10th row back in the north end zone. At first the kids did not like all the yelling, but they acclimated to it quite quickly. Lucy was actually in heaven.
And life only got better when she got to eat fist fulls of popcorn! She was so funny to watch. I found myself watching her way more than the game (of course the game was nothing to write home about).
We made it to half-time and actually had a very enjoyable time as a family. Marc walked us back to our car and stayed to watch the end of the game with his Mom. On our way out, we ran into the band so Marc asked them if they'd play something for Lucy. I told them she loved the fight song. They happily obliged and Lucy was in awe. She really enjoyed the "rah, rah, rah, rah, rah" part at the end.
On the way home Lucy was so excited. I just laughed listening to her in her car seat saying ,"BYU Cougars football" and "B-Y-U!" and "Goooo Cougars" and "Daddy Football!" over and over again.


Christine said...

Way to raise them right, Katie! :)

Rebecca R. Farnsworth said...

Sounds like fun. We would have loved to go to the dinner, but I never got an invite. Were there many people there?

Heather said...

hey-i didn't hear anything about an alumni get-together!?

Katie said...

I'll have to let them know. I'm not sure how they spread the word?

Heidi said...

I am glad to know your child's education is complete with learning all the cougar traditions.