Thursday, October 22, 2009


We all take these amazing family pictures of our families dressed just right, our hair and makeup done perfectly all in the name of keeping up some sort of appearance for others to see our "picture perfect" family. For a change, I thought it might be fun to post some of the "not so perfect" moments as well:


Heidi said...

It takes a lot of pictures to get the perfect one!

Christine said...

But the last one is still so cute!!!

Danica Osborn said...

even your "bad ones" are still darling! :) the backdrop couldn't have been more perfect, especially against you red-heads!

thanks for the link! what a trip down memory lane it was to see all those kids from my class at rees elementary. you freaked me out momentarily, b/c a camera crew had once come in and videoed (is that really how that's spelled?!) me teaching while i was like 8 mos. pregnant. so i figured that this video might be of that--which i'd never seen...and i'm not sure i want to. :)