Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear David,

I still remember when you looked like this. You were the sweetest baby boy and I treasured every season of time I had with you as an infant. I loved our late nights together when I would get up to nurse you. I often stayed awake just a bit longer so I could hold you in a state of rest and complete contentment. I laughed at how much you constantly had to move and figure things out. I can remember being exhausted and you would just take a little nap. We came home from vacation once and you just laid right down in your bed and took a rest while we got things taken care of. It was as if you knew, and you were so willing to help out in any way that you could. You were a joy.

Now you are turning into my little man and I LOVE being able to raise a son that is so active and full of life. That is so rough and at the same time so sensitive too. I still sneak into your room at night to watch you sleep so contently. You bring me a joy in a way no one else can. I constantly find myself watching you and thinking, "He is so cute!"

And in less than two months we will have a new baby in our home. I hope you will feel a peace and comfort that you will still be my sweet baby boy. I don't know how to best help you understand this right now. I am not sure what you understand at your young age. I do know that Heavenly Father has blessed our family with another sweet little one. I know that you were chosen to be her big brother. And I know that somehow a mother has an ability to grow her heart a bit more with each new baby that comes to her family. I also know, the love I have for you will only be deeper as your new sister joins us.  I love you Handsome Jack!


Christine said...

What a sweet love letter to your boy! I felt that way each time we had another baby, wondering how things would work out but knowing they would. Thank you for writing it out in such a beautiful way.

rebecca said...

You make me even more excited to have a little boy! What a sweet little note to him!

Jackie said...

I love these tender stories of him. What a sweet mother you are!