Sunday, April 28, 2013

I closed on my house and then flew to Texas . . .

I have one work trip I take a year, and it just so happened to fall right in the middle of when we were moving. Oh well, it was a lot of fun and helped me de-stress. It was in San Antonio, TX so my sister was able to come see me while I wasn't in classes. It was wonderful to be with her without anyone else. It had been a LONG time. We checked The Alamo the first night we got in.

The next day we took a boat tour on the river through the city. Here I am with a few of my students.

San Antonio is a very charming city.

Our really sweet bus ride that was FREE and happened to arrive the second we got to the bus stop. I kind of felt like we were heading to Hogwarts.

Checking out The Alamo in the daylight.

We had some DELICIOUS BBQ at Rudy's.

Right before I flew out, my sister took me to see the temple and I won a little game we called, "Is it a Mormon Chapel?" It was a lot of fun (and I learned a lot at the conference). Then I got home and got to work again packing boxes.

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Christine said...

My husband is in San Antonio right now (2 month training). All the things he tells me about that city sound great. And since there is an Army post there, we might actually move there someday. One night he showed me the fireworks from the Fiesta Festival from his ipad.