Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some things I really love about our new home

I wanted to write some things down that make me so happy about our new home. 1) Our bedroom: it is our personal retreat, I love it. I love that we have a room big enough for a king size bed, I love how relaxing our tub is and I love that we have our own bathroom off of our bedroom. 2) I love the kitchen. Everything gets to have its own little home. I even finally opened a few wedding gifts we have not been able to use yet due to lack of space.  I love the island that the kids can sit at while I make meals. I love the double oven and how quickly it heats up. I love that I have a place to put the kids' stuff low enough for them to reach them. I love that Lucy can get her own glass of water. I love that my dishwasher doesn't have to be hooked up to the sink to work. 3) I love that I have a laundry room that is behind a door and not off of my kitchen. 4) I love the storage spaces and cupboards everywhere. 5) I love that we have a guest room. 6) I love that we have a deck, a jungle gym (that my kids LOVE), a trampoline they can walk right on to and a hammock (I took the best nap in it the other day). 7) I love that my kids' bedrooms are on the same floor as ours (so many homes we looked at did not have this feature). 8) I love that everyday feels like Christmas as I go out in the yard to see a new plant blooming. 9) I love that I have grow boxes for my garden. 10) I love my linen closet. 11) I love that I have a sewing room. 12) I love that I have a place to put my Halloween costumes. 13) I love that I can hang up all of our older family pictures. 14) I love our cozy family room. 15) I love that we have a sitting room that can easily be kept clean. 16) I love that there is a vent right by my feet as I wash the dishes that blows warm air on them. 17) I love that we live closer to Costco than Sam's. 18) I love that there is no outlet on our neighborhood street. 19) I love that we have a place to set-up David's train. 20) I love that I can sleep in while Marc plays with the kids downstairs and I don't hear a thing.

And I love that Vivian uses this ledge as a railing to get up these stairs. I told Marc after we moved in, "If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up for a few more days."

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Christine said...

It sounds lovely. I know when we moved form our teeny dental school apartment into this house in NC, I just walked around for a bit and smiled at everything. A home you love is just awesome!