Monday, May 19, 2008

BRIAN GOT MARRIED!!! (and we went to St. George)

This is our good friend, Brian with his wife, Lisa. They got married on Saturday in St. George and we were so happy for them!
You have to get all dressed up when someone gets married! (Daryl, do you like my curlers?)
We had to drive a long ways to get there . . .
At the luncheon there were lots of pretty places to take pictures. We took A LOT of pictures while we were there. I also got to sit on grass for the first time without a blanket.
I didn't like it . . .
This was Mommy's favorite picture that we took.
St. George just opened an In-N-Out so we ate some yummy good food there-Daddy was so excited!
Then I went on my first hike! Mommy and Daddy said I have been born into a hiking family and that I am really going to love all the adventures we will go on (they said the fun times even outweigh having to put all that yucky white cream all over your body).
Those Red Cliffs sure are pretty. Daddy did a good job carrying me.
Then I got pretty tired after the long trip.
So this is how we ended the hike (I fell asleep as soon as Mommy put me back in my car-seat).
The drive home was nice. I slept most of the way, but occasionally I liked to read my books or sing with Mommy and Daddy (sometimes I cried too).
We stopped in Filmore at the State's original Capitol Building. It was a cool building, but I mostly enjoyed the park by it and the chance to get out of my car-seat.
So our first road-trip was a success-Mommy and Daddy say there will be many more to come! I am excited, but for now I am really enjoying being back in my own home with the things that I know (Mommy said it's always nice to come home).


Heidi said...

Hooray for St. George!

Unknown said...

What a fun trip! It reminds me of going to St. George with you. You told us about the green paint and we hiked too, and drove through the mud. Good times.

mindy said...

I'm so happy for Bryan! Yay!

And what a fun trip. I love hiking with babies! :o)