Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What to Name Junior?


Any thoughts?


ls said...

i'm kind of partial to oscar. samson is good, too. but then again, i named my son george, so what do i know? :)

Becky & Joseph said...

I like Samson if you call him Sam. (Nothing against Samson, you just might feel like you can never cut his hair! :D) I love when you can use your maiden name for a son's name. That's my vote.

Jackie said...

I like Lincoln, for obvious seems to be a popular name right now.

I also like Samson. I think Sampson would be cool too!

girlsmama said...

I'm a heritage kind of girl. All of our girls names have a name from each side of the family. So my vote is Samson. Plus I like original names. Samson would be original and have heritage.

Dustin and Aimee said...

I like David or Lincoln.

Christine said...

Of those names I like Lincoln the best followed by David. Both are stately names, especially with the last name of Steed.

Ani said...

In order of my favorites..
1. David- love it. David Steed! OOOO! you can call him Dave or Davey..all names are cute. also my brothers name.
2. Andrew- Love the nick name Drew. I want to name a boy this, but Matt says it is too close to my real name (AndreA)
3. Lincoln- I think of Prison Break! Do you guys watch? Linc is a cute nick name.
4. Samson- I like the idea that it is a family name, but it seems like he could be made fun of?! I don't know.
But Sam is cute!
5. Oscar- maybe because we are serving in the Spanish Branch it just doesn't seem to fit a red headed baby (I hope he gets it too!)

Sorry, I put way too much thought into it.

How about Andrew David?
Or Andrew Sampson?!?!

I think Sampson would be a killer middle name.

But what do I know?!

Ryan and Kelly said...

I like Andrew and Lincoln. Andrew because there are several variations you could go with, depending on your son's personality (Andy, Drew). Lincoln is obviously a strong name which I like. If you go with Samson, I would spell it Sampson (that is if you are going for a maiden name relation...if you are going for a biblical thing it doesn't matter.) I am named after my grandmother's maiden name Kelley. I kind of wish my name was spelled Kelley and not Kelly. My parents went with Kelly because it is more common, but I figure, if I was meant to be named after family, why change it? Too bad I didn't name my daughter Delilah. Maybe they could have gotten married.

JMadd said...

I like Lincoln because it's a good Republican sounding name. And also it sounds cute with Lucy. Lucy and Lincoln, Lincoln and Lucy.

Samson is better for a middle name. But I think I'd like it even better with a "p" in there.

Bre Ahrens said...

Mark and i are naming our first boy David and want to name our second Andrew (I'm not even kidding!) Go figure that we'd pick out similar names...we both like Marks too! :)

byuredhead4 said...

David, I love the idea of Davey.